beautiful woman in hipster glasses
Image: Madame Noire

Whether you wear them daily or you save them for study days, your makeup is just as important when wearing glasses. If you don’t wear glasses on a regular basis, you should do your makeup differently when you do decide to wear them. Lenses magnify and draw attention to your eyes, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect smokey eye. See our quick tricks to create a sophisticated look made just for glasses-wearing girls.


When it comes to wearing glasses, your eye makeup is most important. Cat eyes are always welcome when wearing glasses. Whether you choose to rock cat eyes or not, you definitely want to focus in on the eyeliner on your top lid. Starting on the inside corner of your eye, use a liquid liner to draw a solid line to the outer edge of your eye. Carefully thicken the outer portion of the line to create a wing effect. If you don’t have a liquid liner, you can simply draw a thicker line of eyeliner along the top lid, and then use a darker grey eyeshadow to draw the line out a little further beyond your eye.

Your glasses will create a small shadow over your eyes, so you want to lighten up your eyelids. Use a sheer, cream, or light grey eye shadow over your eye lids, and then apply a shade darker above the lids and under the brow bones.

Make sure you apply a voluminous, thickening mascara. You could stop here and already have dramatic eyes, but you can also apply some eyeliner underneath your eyes. Just keep the bottom portion lighter because this area will naturally catch more light, which contrasts with your dark eyes, creating a bold smokey eye.


The most fun part about wearing glasses is that you can get away with so many different shades of lipstick. Darker colors like plum, maroon, or red look great with thick, black lenses. Just be mindful that the bolder the lipstick, the more attention that’s being drawn away from your eyes. If you want your eyes to be the center of attention, then use a nude or soft pink lipstick.

Face Makeup

Apply your primer, foundation, and bronzer as usual. Go easy on the blush when wearing glasses. Fortunately, glasses already create some contouring and lines that will shape your face without needing a lot of bronzer or any blush. Apply a light concealer to the portion underneath your eyes that shows through your glasses. If you illuminate this area, your eyes will be even bolder and darker. Other areas you’ll want to keep light are your forehead and the bridge of your nose.