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If there is one thing that you hate about getting a manicure, it’s having to get your car keys from your purse and ruining your nail polish. You have to choose to have your nail polish fixed again or to fix it on your own. This explains why gel manicures immediately became popular when they were released. Women do not have to worry about ruining their nails anymore. When it was first released, there were some people who were saying that it is not as perfect as it seemed. After some time and research was done on gel manicure, it seems that there are some valid points that gel manicure lovers should take note of the next time that they decide to have this type of nail polish done at the salon again.


It is only fair that the benefits of this type of manicure be discussed first. 

  • They last much longer than a traditional manicure.
  • It can make your nails sturdy and durable. This is one advantage that works better for people who have problematic nails.
  • For people who are trying to hide their nail discoloration, gel nails are effective in doing just that.
  • Once gel manicure dries, people do not have to worry about having rough looking nails again, unless they have it removed at the parlor.


Even if it seems that gel manicure is the best option for a lot of people, it might not be. It’s not for everyone. People should know the possible risks of using this type of nail polish before they continue with it.

  • It is more expensive than the traditional manicure. Since there are more tools and equipment that are needed in order to apply the gel manicure properly, this process costs more.
  • For women who already have brittle nails, the manicure may worsen the condition of their nails further.
  • If you are sensitive to UV light, then you may not want to use this type of nail polish. UV light is used to set gel nail polish. The UV rays may penetrate your skin and get rid of collagen which can keep your nails and your skin healthy.

Remember that not everyone is sensitive to UV light. There are some people who are born with this condition because it is hereditary. Some people become more sensitive after taking medications and supplements. If you suspect that you have become more sensitive because of the medicine that you are taking, then you should let your doctor know about it.


If you truly love this type of manicure, then here are some precautions to remember.

  • Make sure that you choose the right shade of nail polish.
  • Have the safest tools available.
  • It is best that you have your gel manicure be done by a professional to lessen the risks.

With all of the things you have learned, it will be easier to decide if using gel nail polish is appropriate for you.