Caramel hair
Image: Shutterstock/Lukashenko Alena

Looking for a new hair color to try, but not sure what direction to go? A timeless classic is caramel blonde hair. It’s a nice medium tone of blonde with warmer golden hues. It’s a bit darker, so it’s less austere than some of the lighter yellow and platinum shades. And caramel hair is one of the easier hair colors to achieve.

To get this look, you can either go to a salon or get it out of a box dye. If you’re going to go with home hair color, the color goes well over everything from light blonde to light brown. You may have to pre-lighten your hair with a home bleaching kit if you plan on taking a darker shade down into caramel blonde.

For box dyes, some options are L’Oreal Feria in Dark Golden Blonde or Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair Color in Caramel Blonde. Another option is Garnier’s Ultra Color line, which is made for putting extreme color changes into dark hair in one step. The line has a Warm Caramel shade (HL2) that is more on the darker end of caramel hair. You can also find a warmer honey-caramel shade over at Amazon.

If you’re tempted to try this look, there are also plenty of other creative twists on it, as well. It doesn’t just have to be one solid shade. Below are some ideas on how to modify caramel hair.


Multifaceted caramel blonde:

A popular take on this look is to go for different tones in the hair. So the hair may have a warm dark caramel base. Then chunky highlights of slightly brighter honey tones could be added.


Auburn caramel hair:

A really neat twist is auburn caramel hair. You’d think these two shades would be at odds with each other, but they work together for a shimmering, multidimensional look. Tones of light auburn mix in with bright caramel strands.


Bright caramel blonde:

This look takes highlights of dark caramel blonde hues and mixes them in with bright, sunny blonde shades. So what you get is the lightest look this style has to offer.


Caramel balayage:

Balayage is always a great look with any hair color. The look starts with the darkest tones of warm blonde at the top. Then lighter tones of caramel blonde are painted into the hair. True to the balayage look, the lighter tones become more pronounced the farther down the hair’s length you go.


Darker golden caramel hair:

This look is a basic dark, warm blonde in caramel shades. It takes a subtle look with very sparse lighter blonde accents added into the lengths.