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Get Customized Color With These Homemade Blush Ideas

Maybe you want to go more natural with your beauty routine. Or perhaps you want to save money, or just have the satisfaction of knowing you made something by hand. There are plenty of reasons to make your own cosmetics, and blush is a great place to start. It’s one of the easiest cosmetic recipes out there.

Arrowroot Base

Most recipes for homemade blush will call for arrowroot as a base. Arrowroot powder is a white baking thickener used mostly in sauces and soups. As it turns out, it also spreads onto the skin pretty well and holds as a blush. If you can’t find arrowroot powder, organic cornstarch makes a decent substitute that might be easier to find.

A bright white baking thickener alone doesn’t work as a blush very well, so the goal from here is to add additional powders to get the desired color.

Red Or Pink Blush

Your best bet for a standard red or pink blush is going to be to add hibiscus flower powder. It has the perfect shade of deep red. Add as much as you like to the arrowroot to get the desired shade. Keep the amount light for a more rosy pink; otherwise really pour the hibiscus powder in there for the deepest red.

Another option is beetroot powder and arrowroot powder. They key is that the beetroot powder has to be very fine or it will not stick to the skin. You may be able to grind the powder finer yourself, if need be. Otherwise, if you cannot get the powder extremely fine, stick with hibiscus powder.

You can also add other red spices for more depth to the color. A popular option is cinnamon; though feel free to experiment with other herbs and spices. Just make sure to keep the blush away from your eyes, and don’t use any aggravating, harsh pepper powders that could cause pain in the eyes.

Add Bronze

You can also add some darker color to your blush by using the ideas above, but adding a few pinches of cocoa powder. It will smell great and add a deeper, subtler hue. You can also consider using mostly cocoa or all cocoa and arrowroot powder for a deep bronzer.

Use Oils For Long-Lasting Blush

A trick to make the homemade blush stick better is to apply a very small bit of almond, jojoba or olive oil to the skin and let it soak in slightly. Then brush the blush on top of that for a better stick.

You can also add essential oils of your choice that are good for skin like rosemary, peppermint or lavender oils for added skin benefits and to give the powder a more integrated consistency. You’ll only need about three to five drops of oil for an eight-ounce container.

Combine Ingredients

Since you’re the one using the blush, feel free to go wild and experiment to get that perfect shade. You could combine hibiscus and beetroot powder with a bit of cocoa, combine cinnamon and cocoa or use whatever you can find in the pantry.