Geode Hair

From sunset to galaxy hair, taking cues from the natural world for hair colors is nothing terribly new, but geode hair is a wonderful and stunning way to add some light rainbow shades into your hair.

The great thing about the geode style is that it can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be, since geodes naturally come in all colors. So you’ll see subtle, darker cool colors to wild teals and oranges.

Like any rainbow fashion color, you’ll need to get a fashion color dye like Manic Panic. The colors will show up best over pre-lightened hair you can get with a home hair bleaching kit.

There are so many stunning ways to wear this type of hairstyle, below are some of the top geode looks for inspiration.

Subtle geode:

This is the most understated look on the list. It layers tones of purple and deep blue onto the lower lengths of the hair. Depending on how subtle you want the look, you may be able to get away with layering a fashion dye straight over medium to darker brown hair.


Bright, segmented geode:

This look goes for the truest spirit of the geode. It leaves hair a natural shade, and then a swath of hair is colored a bright rainbow shade like blue in a wedge, triangle shape. So it looks like you’ve cracked open the hair to find the bright shade within, just like a geode.


Bright rainbow geode:

This look takes inspiration from the brightest types of geodes out there. The hair has tones of orange, pink, teal, bright blue and lavender.

Lighter teal geode:

Going off of geodes with overwhelming teal shades, this hair has overpowering tones of bright teal with tones of light purple mixed in. It looks stunning as a balayage style.

Pastel geode:

This look takes geode hair and adds a pastel twist. Light pink, yellow and blue make up the tones in this hairstyle.


Blue and green geode:

Some geodes are overwhelmingly bright green and bluish purple. This hairstyle goes full rainbow hair by having all highlights of green and blue.


Balayage geode:

A cool look out there is taking the tones of geode hair, like green, purple and blue, and painting them into the lower lengths of the hair against a dark base. It’s a look of stunning contrast.


Geode tips:

This look takes deep geode tones and adds them to the tips of the hair. Parts of the main lengths may have pastel shades mixed in for a cohesive look, however. The tips are stunning shades of purple, blue and green.


Dark contrast geode hair:

This look also dyes a chunk of hair in a wedge shape. It places bright tones of purple and teal against black hair for the most contrast possible. It’s a stunning look.