Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

The glass hair trend started as a way of styling bobs, which have taken over the fashion and Instagram world lately. It’s a short, shiny, geometric, and totally dramatic look that makes us think of badass female villains in spy movies.

The great thing about glass hair is that it’s just one of many looks you can add to your repertoire if you’re sporting a bob. This versatile look could be a great option for date night, going out, or an upscale event. Its boldness and reflectivity make it utterly eye-catching! It’s also super easy to master, making it a great low-maintenance style with a big impact.

How to get glass hair

Flatirons are they key to this sleek, polished look–and as heat treatment can be harsh on your hair, we recommend that you prep your locks with a nourishing hair serum. There are plenty of hair products out there that can both protect your hair from damage due to heat treatments, and help to condition it for optimum styling. One of our favorite hair serums is Kiehls’ Stylist Series Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream ($17), which is made specifically to shield your hair and prep it for straightening.

With this in mind, here are the steps to mastering the glass hair look:

Condition and protect your hair with a serum

Apply the serum to your hair according to the product’s instructions, making sure to saturate the ends of your hair with product. Straighteners are known to dry your hair, often resulting in split ends and brittle hair shafts. A high-quality, natural serum will help to protect against this damage.

Put your hair up with a clip

Pin up your hair to keep it all out of the way while you style section-by-section.

Straighten the hair

Take down one fine section of hair and go over it with a hot flat iron. Straightening in small sections as opposed to thicker ones is crucial for this look: The thinner the section of hair that goes through the flat iron, the more heat exposure each individual hair strand will get–resulting in pin-straight, sleek hair. Repeat, section-by-section, with the rest of your hair.

To get even better results, try going over your hair with a brush as you straighten it. This probably sounds more complicated than it really is: All you have to do is gather up a fine section of hair and position a brush in the hair near the top of the strands. Holding the hair taut (but not painfully tight) with the brush, use your other hand to clasp the hair above the brush with your flat iron. Then bring both the brush and the flat iron down along the lock of hair, so that the straightener follows the brush all the way down to the ends of your hair.

Follow up with a finishing product

A finishing spray will give your hair some extra shine, and ensure that it stays in place throughout the day. We recommend John Masters Organics’ Hair Spray ($24) with aloe vera gel to nourish your hair with vital nutrients while keeping it in your desired style. Once you’ve set your hair with a finishing product, you’re ready to go!