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Dirty Talk: Get Rid Of Blackheads With DIY Nose Pore Strips

You look in the mirror and realize something: your skin looks like a miniaturized version of a leopard print. The blackheads are back, and you’re out of nose pore strips. Or you’re trying to save money this month. When in doubt, make your own!

You’ll just need a few tips for using your own strips. Make sure to wash your face before use so no dirt is getting in the way of using the strips. You can also add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil like tea tree or lavender for added skin benefits and scent. You should also wash after you use these DIY nose pore strips to take advantage of the now-open pores and get some deep cleansing in.

Gelatin DIY Nose Pore Strips

Combine one part unflavored gelatin with one part milk. Add a bit more milk if you want the mixture to be more liquefied for easier application. Either microwave the mixture in 10-second intervals or heat in a pan. The key here is to make it warm, not hot. Quickly spread the mixture over your skin, making sure to avoid getting too close to the eyebrows (this stuff will hold tight and can be used for hair removal, too). Let it sit until the mixture feels tight. Starting from one of the edges, you should then be able to peel the mask away, along with all that pore gunk.

Egg White DIY Nose Pore Strips

This easy method is completely doable with just some eggs, paper towel and a makeup brush. Separate a couple eggs, and keep the whites in a bowl. Use the makeup brush to apply the egg whites to the part of your skin you are looking to treat. Apply a layer of paper towel over it, and paint that with another layer of egg whites. You can also use toilet paper or tissue. If you have very stubborn blackheads, you can try one or two more layers. Wait until the sheet hardens, and then grab hold of one of the edges and pull off quickly. Wash your makeup brush well afterwards.

Xanthan Gum DIY Nose Pore Strips

Want a more vegan option? This recipe calls for combining xanthan gum powder with distilled water. Add water to the xanthan gum by stirring it in slowly until you form a thick goop. This recipe will actually keep in the fridge. Apply the mixture to your skin when you are ready, and put a paper towel over the mixture. Apply more of the mixture over the paper towel. Let it sit until it feels dry and tight. Then pull it off quickly the same way you would with the other methods above.