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Get Selfie Ready Skin With These 15 Concealer Hacks

Let’s face it. We can’t all have flawless skin. If we did, concealer wouldn’t be a product. Even if you have a spot-on skincare regimen, between stress, environmental damages, hormones and diet slip-ups, blemishes and dark spots may happen. So on those days when you look less than perfect, you’ll need some concealer hacks to look your best.

Put foundation down first: If you’re just using a flesh-colored concealer, put the foundation down first. That will cover more of the mark and really tell you how much you need to cover the area with concealer.

Remember the under-eye area triangle: Covering dark under eyes? Draw a triangle that goes down to the middle of your cheek instead, and then blend the edges. That will tapper off the concealer and create more of a blended, highlighted effect.

Use brushes to get the perfect pimple coverage: If you really want to cover those pimples thoroughly, use an eyeliner brush to apply the concealer right off the stick, then blend with your finger and apply powder.

Green concealers are great for pimples: In you are prone to breakouts, invest in a good green concealer, which will cancel out the harsh red of breakouts. Just remember, color concealers go on before foundation, and then you apply your normal flesh-colored concealer.

Use pink concealer under the eye: To cancel out the blue-purple tones of a dark under eye, get a pink-colored concealer. Same rules apply for application as green concealer.

Line your lips with concealer: To create a more defined lip shape, simply outline your lips with concealer after you apply lipstick and blend. Liquid concealers with a brush work best for this.

Use moisturizer first: Prime the area by putting down a high-quality moisturizer. That will prevent creasing and fine lines in the concealer.

Blot your concealer: Once you have your concealer on and blended, blot it with a tissue to further reduce the chance of creasing.

Try the wet approach: After you’ve applied concealer, press a wet finger or damp makeup sponge onto the concealer to give it a softer finish.

DIY tinted lotion: Want to add subtle color to an area, along with some moisture? Mix your moisturizer and some concealer to color preference.

Foundation can double as a concealer: Out of concealer? Put a dab of foundation on the spot, and let it sit and thicken. Then blend the edges.

Use a concealer to highlight: If you want a subtle highlighting effect, put concealer above your full eyebrow, below your full eyebrow, under your eyes, right next to the bottom of your nose on both sides and in the center of your chin.

Accent eyes with a shade lighter: Use a shade of concealer lighter than your skin to highlight your eyes by putting that shade right under the outer edge of each eyebrow and at the inside corners of your eyes.

Get plump lips: Put some concealer in the center of your upper and lower lips. Then blend, and put a gloss on your lips. This will create the perfect puffy lip look.

Blend with a lip balm: Apply the concealer like normal, and then blend the edges with an oil-free lip balm to blur the edges of the concealer. It’s great for if you’re trying to cover up a large spot.