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Get The Best Of Nature With Homemade Lip Balm

There’s nothing like a soothing natural lip balm for those dry, chapped lips. It’s a small thing, but using a good balm feels like a lush trip to the spa for your lips. Sometimes making your own homemade lip balm can be half the fun, though. You’ll get to customize the mixture and taste, and save money in the process. Read on to find out how to become your own lip balm development team.

Basic Homemade Lip Balm

It’s easy to find empty lip balm sticks or containers online at places like Amazon. But you can also wash some used commercial containers out and reuse them. Then you’ll add your mixed ingredients to the container.

You’ll want one part coconut oil to one part shea butter to three parts beeswax. The real fun is that you can play around and substitute out natural oils, waxes and butters. For instance, you can try olive oil, cocoa butter or soy wax. You’ll also need several drops of food grade essential oil of your choice for flavoring. If you want to add some color, you can opt for powdered herbs like hibiscus powder, about one dash should do it. Though you can add more per your color preference.

You’ll just need to melt the butter and oil in the microwave for a minute or so on high. Add the wax and melt it into the rest of the mixture in one-minute intervals via the microwave. Mix well. Let it dry for a bit and then test the consistency. Add more oil for a softer mixture or wax for a harder one. Once it’s the right consistency, stir in the oil and powdered herbs, if you wish. Then add the mixture to the lip balm sticks or some tins.

Another method is to stir in the essential oil and powder while the oil, wax and butter are still melted and combined, as this may be easier to work with. Once you have your proportions worked out, you can use this method and pour the mixture into the containers while it is still in its liquid form. Then let it harden in the container. You may need to top the balms off as the liquid settles. Leave them for a few hours before use to make sure they are completely hardened. They’ll keep for about one year.

Honey & Vitamin E Balm

If there are two things skin loves, it’s vitamin E and honey. The moisturizing benefits are simply amazing. And it’ll taste great on the lips. For this recipe, you’ll need one part beeswax to one part coconut oil. You’ll also need a dollop of raw honey, a splash of vitamin E oil and a few drops of optional essential oil. How great would a honey and vanilla lip balm be?

Then you’ll need to place a metal bowl in a pan of boiling water (called the double boiler method). Melt half the beeswax and then add your oil and honey. Mix until it’s all completely melted, and then add the vitamin E and optional essential oil. Mix well. Pour into whichever container you are using.

Homemade Lip Balm Hacks

Making lip balm is pretty straightforward. You’ll need your wax, oil, possible butter and fun additives like essential oil and herbal powders. But that’s not all you can do.

If you want an easy way to create a tint in your lip balm, add a slice of your favorite lipstick to the mixture. You can add it when your wax, oil and possible butter are mixed together and melted. Just be sure to stir well and make sure the melted lipstick is evenly distributed.

A super-easy option is to take a plain commercial lip balm, empty it out of the container into a microwave-safe bowl and melt it in the microwave in one-minute intervals. When it’s liquefied, add your favorite essential oils and powdered herbs for natural skin nourishing benefits and to customize the taste.