woman smelling a mint leave while doing face mask at home
Image: Shutterstock/Mila Supinskaya

Get The Best Skin Of Your Life With These 15 Unconventional Face Masks

Face masks can be as soothing as they are beneficial to your skin. Their creamy texture is sure to melt the stress away and letting them sit on your skin to work their magic gives you the perfect excuse to kick back and enjoy the finer things, like a bubble bath or some relaxing music. You’ve probably heard of clay masks and the dozens of standard commercial masks, but below are some unconventional ideas for getting perfect skin.

Caviar: Believe it or not, the little fish eggs are chockfull of compounds that are great for skin, like rejuvenating amino acids. You can find caviar in Missha Pure Source Hydrating Facial Mask with Caviar, only about $3.

Banana: This is a home beauty DIY favorite. Bananas are great moisturizers for skin. Simply mash up a ripe banana and apply liberally to the skin. Let it sit for about twenty minutes, and then rinse it off.

Pepto-Bismol: “Yeah, Pepto-Bismol!” This one is just downright weird. But the pink stuff has salicylic acid in it, meaning it can clear up your complexion. Leave a layer of it on your face for 10-20 minutes and then rinse.

Kale: In addition to being a super food, the many minerals and vitamins kale contains makes it great for the skin. You can find face mask products containing kale, like Eminence Citrus and Kale Potent C Plus E Masque.

Witch hazel: Witch hazel has long been used as a natural toner, but you can also find the best of this natural ingredient in the form of a face mask. One such product is Beaute Forest Witch Hazel & Chamomile Soothing Mask.

Mustard: This idea actually stimulates skin and allows for a natural glow. Add some yellow mustard to your skin, and leave on for about five minutes.

Algae: The green stuff out of the ocean is a natural boon of skin-restoring antioxidants. You can even find commercial versions of algae masks, like Algenist Algae Brightening Mask.

Avocado: Here’s another natural moisturizing favorite. Simply scoop out half of a ripe avocado, and apply it to your face for 20-30 minutes. A popular option is to also add a dollop of raw honey for added moisture.

Bamboo: The key to using bamboo is to find a product that contains its sap, which is a wonderful moisturizing agent for dry skin. Look for products like Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask.

Egg whites: Egg whites are actually a common DIY face mask ingredient, but most people who are used to commercial products might not think of these. They’re great at moisturizing skin. Simply beat a few egg whites, and leave them on your face for thirty minutes.

Rose: Like witch hazel, rosewater has long been used as a great toner, so it makes sense to use it as a face mask. Look for a face mask with actual roses in it, like fresh Rose Face Mask.

Vinegar: This might seem a bit harsh for skin, but apple cider vinegar is a wonderful natural toner. This one you’ll want to add to other ingredients. For instance, add a few splashes of it to the banana or egg white face masks.

Wine: This cultured favorite is also great for skin. It acts as an exfoliator and shrinks pores. Look for products like Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Face Mask Sheet.

Mocha: This is true therapy for the coffee lover. Combine one part ground coffee to one part cocoa powder. Add a dollop of raw honey, and stir in enough egg whites or yogurt to make a paste. Let it sit on your face for ten minutes. The honey and egg whites or yogurt will add moisture, the cocoa and coffee will add antioxidants and the caffeine will take care of any puffy areas.

Activated charcoal: Sure, slathering a black mush all over your face won’t leave you looking politically correct, but activated charcoal is great at drawing toxins out of the skin and pulling debris out of the pores. Combine activated charcoal powder with some water until it forms a paste, and spread it on your skin in a thin layer. Leave it on until it is dry and then rinse.