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Moonstones carry some of the most radiant shades of green, blue and purple that all seem to glow from within. So it’s no surprise that someone looked at that and went, “I want that for my hair!” And the results are stunning, with shades of bold and pastel hues that mix and shine.

At its core, this moonstone rainbow hairstyle is achieved the way any others are. You’ll need to bleach your hair to the lightest shade of blonde with a home hair bleaching kit, if your hair isn’t there already. Then you use fashion color brands to apply whichever shade you wish to use. The look is hallmarked by thin highlight hues that intermingle to create a very distinctive look, so you may want have a friend help or go to a stylist for this one, as you’ll most likely need a lot of care to highlight tons of different strands.

When it comes to moonstone rainbow hair, there are lots of options to choose from. Below are some of the most common looks to get an idea of what the style is truly aiming for.

Here are our favorite looks for moonstone rainbow hair.

Pastel purple and blue ombre: A very common style you’ll see pop up when you look up moonstone hair is of one woman who has pastel purple hair at the top, which leads into deep blue, and finishes in a pastel, almost metallic blue.

Rainbow moonstone: Another look is to combine all sorts of pastel hues in highlights to mimic some of the most colorful moonstone varieties. Shades could include green, blue, pink, peach and even grey.

Faded metallic hues: An idea is to apply the most faded metallic hues you can find in cascading rainbow highlights. It’s muted, yet stunning. If you want to do it at home, think L’Oreal Feria’s Pastels.

Cool but bold: Another popular look is to go bright and shimmery with cool tones of blue, green and purple. Look for light but bright shades like bright purple, light blue and light green.

Metallic and bright: For this look, aim for metallic hues that are on the bold side, like radiant blues and bold purples. This look also incorporates pastel metallic shades near the ends for a multifaceted look.

Silver base: For a more subtle look, dye hair a bright platinum/sliver, and add in wispy highlights of the lightest pastels of purple, green and blue.

Deep blue: Many moonstones are predominantly a deep blue, so you could also use this as a base. A popular photo shows a woman with the deepest, richest blue through most of her hair, then teal and white highlighted ends.

The idea with this look is to make it your own. Look at some photos of rainbow moonstones, and then do what you feel would look unique and fun.