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Natural looking wavy hair is the best, especially when you’re on a beach vacation. However, putting waves in can quickly dry out your hair if you’re not careful. This is especially true if you use texturizing sprays, which work by drying out and crinkling the hair a bit. On top of that, there’s the threat of heat tools. Below are several ways you can get amazing wavy hair without leading to over-drying.

Look For A Non-Drying Beach Spray

The term “non-drying beach spray” might seem like an oxymoron. After all, these salty sprays usually give you texture and wavy hair by frizzing you out and drying up hair at least a little. Since the early days of beach sprays, however, manufacturers have been looking for ways to ease those woes.

For instance, Soy Renewal beach spray from Sexy Hair contains argan oil to make sure your hair doesn’t get fried while you’re trying to achieve those sweet beach waves. Some products even contain UV and heat protection to save your hair from the ravages of fun in the sun, like Kerastase Spray A Porter.

Get Invested In Wet Hair Styling

If you’re trying to save on products right now and want to go a more natural route, a time-tested way to get wavy hair is to simply sleep with wet hair in a certain hairstyle. The most popular way to end up with waves in the morning is to tie wet hair into two braids and sleep in them. Your hair will dry into a wavy texture overnight, and in the morning you’ll just need some loose brushing. It’s free, natural and super easy.

Remember To Give Your Hair Some TLC

If you’re absolutely in love with your crimping or curling iron, or a certain texturizing spray that isn’t known for being the most moisturizing thing on the planet, then you’ll need to make sure your hair is feeling the love with some moisturizing treatments.

Treatments like hot oil soaks, homemade moisturizing hair masks or commercial deep conditioning treatments will become musts. You may even want to double and triple up on treatments if your hair has been more abused lately.

Another idea to shield hair is to only shampoo the roots of your hair. Let the shampoo run down the lengths while you rinse it out, since the lengths don’t get as greasy as the roots. Then apply generous amounts of conditioner to the whole length, and let it sit for at least two minutes. You’ll have bounce at the top where you shampooed and sleek, moisturized lengths that haven’t been stripped by too much shampooing.