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Ah, date night. How fun/stressful/awkward, right? Admittedly, I haven’t gotten the privilege of getting ready for a date in a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to prep for one. Date night beauty, one could say, is a specialty of mine.

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that the way you look on a first date (or even a third date) should not be the only thing you’re worried about. Of course you want to look and feel pretty, but whoever you’re going on this date with should not be solely taking your looks into consideration. With this being said, you can still have fun with getting ready.

Shower time

I feel my most fresh and alive after a good shower. So, for date night, it’s natural that I will take the best and longest shower of my life in order to prepare. One necessity during this shower: SHAVE. No matter how your date ends, having soft touchable skin is a huge confidence booster. It’s sort of a given. My favorite shaving cream is the EOS Moisturizing Shave Cream because it literally leaves my skin feeling like I applied lotion.

Speaking of lotion, immediately following your luxurious shower, apply a light layer of moisturizer everywhere you shaved, as well as the rest of your body. Dry skin is uncomfortable and not cute, so make sure your skin is as delicious and touchable as possible.

Play some tunes

Anytime I’m getting ready for anything, I have to have music playing. I have to. Date night is no exception, and it’s actually more necessary to play something that pumps you up. You know which playlist to turn on, so play your favorite jams to put you in a good mood before a potentially nerve-wracking night.

Get ready with a friend

Sometimes date night can be an extremely stressful event. The uncertainty about how the night will go, worry about your dress in the wind, and lipstick on your teeth are all things that can stick in your mind, messing with your mojo. If you have a friend with you to tell you how hot you look and distract you from your nerves, it might help your mindset going into the night.

Wear minimal lip products

Worrying if there’s lipstick on your teeth all night is the last thing you want to do while on a date. Instead of going for a bold lip (that can wait a few dates), wear a simple lip balm or gloss that won’t get everywhere. Your lips will still look moisturized and pretty without looking like too much.

Lashes, lashes, lashes

Nothing is more feminine and pretty than some crazy long lashes. Instead of doing an intense smokey eye or a bold lip, make your lashes the focal point of your look. Apply an extra coat of mascara along with some light shimmery eyeshadow, and your eyes will stand out gorgeously.

Rock some soft curls

Soft curls/waves are pretty on just about everyone. Create some effortless curls with a wand to look put together but also like you just rolled out of bed and always look like this. He probably won’t know the difference, but chances are he’ll think it’s pretty.

While you’re at it, spritz some perfume over your hair when you’re done styling it. That way, when you go in for a hug or kiss at the end of the night, he gets a whiff.

Have ONE drink before you leave

If you’re feeling especially nervous, have a drink before you head out. Take a little time to relax and reflect before you rush out, and your nerves will calm, trust me. Nothing wrong with a little liquid courage. (But don’t drink too much before you leave, no one likes an annoying sloppy drunk. Especially on a date.)

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