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Image: Shutterstock/Ann Haritonenko

Wearing glasses can be a bit of a hassle to say the least, and even though contacts are a major lifesaver, sometimes wearing them just can’t be avoided, but just because you’re stuck behind your favorite pair of specs doesn’t mean you have to forgo your makeup. Luckily for you, we’ve got some super easy glasses makeup tips.

While it’s true that there are certain looks that should be avoided when wearing glasses, there are also tons of great ways to turn those frames into something super fashionable. From taking care of those brows to making those cheekbones glow, these glasses makeup tips will have you appreciating your glasses in no time.

Always shape & define your brows

Glasses act as a statement piece all on their own, but because they go largely unhidden, the eyebrows tend to draw a lot of attention too. Make sure your brows are cleaned up, perfectly shaped, and defined with your favorite products to keep your face looking as polished as possible. This is the most important of our glasses makeup tips.

Save all the color for your lipstick

Because your glasses are already going to be stealing the show, adding tons of bold, colorful eye shadow can be a bit overwhelming to look at. Instead, save the eye catching colors for your lips and stick with neutral eye shadow tones that enhance the color of your eyes. Choose a lip color that goes well with the rest of your look but is bold and beautiful enough to draw some attention.

Concealer is still necessary

Your glasses don’t hide your dark under eye circles or sunken in skin as much as you think they do, in fact, they actually tend to define them a bit more than normal. Using a color corrector and brightening concealer under your eyes keeps you from looking tired and keeps your face looking perky and alert behind your glasses.

Show off a little with a cat eye

Luckily, cat eye liner is super in right now, which is great because it is pretty easy to achieve and it provides a fantastic opportunity to make your eyes look a little bigger behind your glasses and allows them to stand out without being too overpowering. For maximum effect, line the tip of your liner up with the corner of your glasses.

Try using an eyelash curler

No one likes the feeling of having their lashes brush up against the lenses of their glasses, smearing mascara everywhere and being a general pain. Curling your lashes opens your eyes up a bit and allows the light to hit your eyes in a fantastic way, enhancing their natural color.

Show off your cheekbones

Apply a light dusting of your favorite shimmering highlighter on the tops of your cheeks to draw attention to your cheekbones and use a bit of rosy pink blush to bring a little extra life back into your face.

Don’t forget the rest of your face

Don’t let all of the focus go to perfecting your eye makeup, always remember to exfoliate, prime, and use your favorite foundation. No makeup look is complete without a good base.