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Image: YouTube

Looking for a statement trend that really sparkles? Having glitter roots is a thing. That’s right, if you haven’t been able to get to the salon or get your hair dyed at home, just add glitter to non-dyed roots to make it look like you were lazy for a reason.

It’s a look that is commonly applied to rainbow/fashion hair color on the lengths, making it look like you stepped out of a children’s picture book about fairies. Yet the look can also be applied to more traditional colors. If you want this hit statement trend, or are even just curious about how to do it, below is your guide for getting glitter roots.

Glitter roots how-to

You have two options here: buy hair/body glitter or make your own. You can find several brands of hair glitter like Jerome Russell B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray or Yofi Cosmetics Glitter Spray. Your local beauty supply store should be able to help you out here, or you could try party stores. Then you heavily apply the hair glitter to your roots. Remember, you’ll want tons of glitter with this look. This isn’t a subtle accent style.

Making your own hair glitter is a great option if you want to customize the type of glitter you’re using and the color. The trend makes use of everything from traditional powder glitter to large sequins, and even both at once. Making it at home is also cheap and simple. You’ll just need to put some clear hair gel into a container and add craft glitter to preference. For the boldest results, you’ll want it so that you have a glitter paste, rather than gel with some glitter intermixed here and there.

Then apply the paste to your roots with some tint brushes. As an optional step, you may want to spray your hair into place before applying the glitter.

Glitter roots inspiration

Now that you know how to apply glitter roots, you may be wondering what type of styles to go for. Below are some ideas to get you heading in the right direction, though feel free to get creative.

Glitter roots side part

Spray your hair so it stays in a side part, and then paint those roots with a sparkly rainbow glitter. This looks great with a pastel hair shade like pink or violet.

Glitter lengths

If you don’t have roots just yet, you can apply some of that glitter so that it leads about four inches or more down, to right above where your ears are. Apply just at the front of your head.

Dark roots with confetti

If you have very dark roots, especially against light hair, add some sparkle with thick, golden confetti. For a stunning effect, match the confetti color roughly to the color of your hair length.

High buns

A popular look is to tie hair into two buns at the top of the head, and then paint the part between them with glitter.

Straight-back roots

Brush and spray your hair so it goes straight back. Then apply glitter to your roots so it frames your face.