If you have tried for many years to obtain the perfect complexion and have continued to work on different makeup applications but cannot seem to get that flawless appearance you are going for, the root problem may be your diet. The fact is that you may not be able to reach your goals because of the foods you are consuming that contain the allergy causing agent, gluten. Discover more about what gluten face is and how to treat it so you can finally have the skin you desire.

What is gluten face?

If you look in the mirror and find inflamed areas, rosacea, or skin discoloration, you probably have what is now known as “gluten face.” This is a side effect that is apparent when you eat items containing the ingredient gluten. In most cases these blemishes will be most noticeable in the areas of the cheeks and around the chin.

How common is it?

Even though the sensitivities to gluten is something that is fairly new, there are plenty of people that are suffering from its effects. There are about 18 million people in the United States alone that are expected to be dealing with gluten allergies. In recent years, companies have continued to provide customers with gluten-free products to aid in the relief of this undesirable diagnosis.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a combination of two different proteins that are found in various wheat and grain products like bread and desserts. Some food items where you may not expect to find this component include things like soy sauce, ketchup, imitation meats, and even ice cream. Non-food items like toothpaste, shampoo, and various cosmetics also contain gluten.

Skincare tips to fix gluten face

Following a few simple tips and tricks will help you in getting rid of gluten face once and for all.

  • Severe gluten face can quickly be remedied by eliminating all types of gluten from your diet.
  • It is also essential to keep yourself well hydrated and get the recommended daily fiber amount.
  • Additionally, you should start taking a probiotic daily. This will assist in the repopulation of the proper flora in your stomach.
  • Taking magnesium glycinate is useful in achieving more regular bowel movements.
  • Diindolylmethane, or DIM, is a substance that is found in vegetables. Regularly consuming this can aid you in getting rid of any extra estrogen. One way to know if you have extra estrogen is high acne incidents or painful periods.
  • A homeopathic method that is used to detoxify organ systems called biotherapeutic drainage can also clear out the stomach and skin.
  • Finally, clean up any acne lesions or blemishes on the face with a topical application of castor oil.

By educating yourself on gluten and what it does to your body from the inside, you are going to have a much better shot at achieving perfect skin. Get rid of this ingredient from your foods and reduce the red, puffy, and dark areas that you despise quickly.