Graduation Hairstyles
Image: Brocreative

Graduation day is one of the most important days in a student’s life. While it ends your high school or college life (late night studies, exams, and hard work), it will remain embedded in your memory forever as you move toward your professional life. The two factors that stand out include receiving the certificate of your education and the pictures you take. For gents, it is not difficult to get ready for their graduation day as they usually have the same dress code. However, it can be very difficult for ladies to decide what to wear, and what graduation hairstyles are the best for this huge event.

On graduation day, you are given a gown which hides your whole dress. You do not need to be worried that much about it. The most important feature on your whole body is the hair. That’s why spending time to make graduation hairstyles special for graduation day is important.

The internet is full of pictures of graduation hairstyles for inspiration and ideas. But you cannot try all of them. So, we decided to create a short list of hairstyles for you. This list of styles will fit with all hair types including those who do not have very long hair.

  • Side-Parted Pony:

This the most common and easiest hairstyle for graduation day. You do not need to put a lot of spray or additional hair products for this style since it can be created in seconds. With a slung pony and frizz free stands, you can come up with a chic graduation day style in no time. If your hair is very thin, then apply a good quality hairspray or even gel to make the hair smooth and frizz-free. The pony will be the most prominent part of your hair as the rest of the hair will be covered by the graduation cap.

  • Fresh Floral Hairstyle:

It is a perfect choice for those who want something special on their graduation day. Florals are usually associated with festivals only, but a chunky braid with fresh flowers can make great graduation hairstyles. Do not overload your braid with flowers. You can also use beads of one color if you are not happy with the fresh flowers idea. This hairstyle will mostly suit ladies who have silver, golden, or red hair, (a big “no” to ladies with black hair unless they decide to use white beads or small fresh flowers).

  • Curly Q’s Hairstyle:

This hairstyle will suit ladies who do not have lengthy hair. Curly hair does not require much work, but if your hair is straight, curl them the night before your graduation day. To look exclusive in this hairstyle and graduation cap, make sure to twist some hair from the front and use bobby pins to secure your graduation cap on them. This hairstyle could be a bit hard to carry, but if you have curled your hair in past, then do it to stand out among the other graduates.