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The time has come to switch up your hairstyle for a brand new look. The undercut has long been a hair trend since the Edwardian era of the 1920s. The process of growing out an undercut requires patience during the awkward phase but it is achievable! There are some clever styling techniques to try for while your undercut is growing out without looking like you had one. What to do, or not, with the straggly hairs on the sides and back?

Growing out an undercut

  • Until the rest of your hair grows out to the same length, wear clip-in hair extensions.
  • Try using a texturizing spray – As your hair grows in, you can wear it with a messy look which will take the attention off the undercut.
  • Dying your hair all one color takes the attention away from the cut side.
  • If the cut is at the nape, brush the longer hair from the crown to cover it. Bind it with a decorative clip when wearing a ponytail.
  • If you’re growing out an undercut on the right side, try a deep side part on the left side. Swing the majority of the hair to the right. Do the opposite if your undercut is on the left side.
  • Take the top half of your hair down and cut it so it hangs at the same length as your undercut. You just created the classic bob! Keep this style until the cut grows out properly. Then you will be sporting a real bob!
  • Take the hair on the fuller side and brush it towards the undercut. Braid the hair from behind the ear going toward the face for a one-sided braid.
  • Chop off the rest of your hair so that it matches the length of the undercut.
  • Take the longer hair and curl it. Push it over the shoulder. Take the straggled hair and swirl the undercut with big swirls to frame the face. This will give an illusion of pin curls or finger waves.
  • Scarves and hats take away from having to style your hair at all. Take a section of hair from the crown to hang down in the back under the scarf.
  • Know your style. an undercut at the nape of the neck is easier to grow out versus trying to hide shorter hairs on the sides.
  • Nothing – Come to grips that an undercut will eventually grow back and that it can actually look nice just as it is. Embrace it and do not worry about it!

Growing out an undercut should be fun

For whichever option you choose to do, make the process fun! This can be a great way to experiment with different looks and styles during the growing-out phase.  It is also a wake-up call to consider the repercussions of jumping on a trend, but then later decide to jump into another hairstyle. That is the great thing about our hair — you can try out new cuts and it will eventually grow back!

Which so many people and celebrities taking the leap of cutting or shaving off portions of their hair, the appeal of growing out an undercut speaks loud and clear! It is an edgy style with a twist for the risk taker but at the same time very chic, which is a far cry from the loose waves or the bob cut.