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While it’s fun to shop for new beauty products, sometimes you might want to simplify your life. You might be trying to save money, want to keep it casual and low-maintenance over the summer months or might want to worry less about styling while on a trip. Whatever the case, below you can learn how to be a beauty product minimalist.

Get a low-maintenance hairstyle

Your first step in reducing your time in front of the mirror is going to be to look at your hair. You’ll want to aim for what are known as “wash and go hairstyles.” That usually means you’ll be wearing your hair in its natural texture, whether it’s straight, wavy or curly. Good styles in this category include long and casual, lobs and the pixie cut. You’ll want anything that sits well in your hair naturally and just requires a basic brushing to style. Talk to your stylist to figure out what style will work best for your hair type.

The no-makeup look

Your next step is to see where you can cut makeup. This will vary depending on your complexion. An easy way to cut down in makeup is to use a tinted moisturizer instead of full foundation. Some people also just apply a BB cream for a lighter finish.

If you want to add a little boost, only apply a mascara and some light lip color. Another option is some light eyeliner. Leave everything else natural, however.

If you have a blemish or two, one option is the dab and go method with concealer. Simply apply some stick concealer to your finger and dab it right on the breakout. Dabbing with your ring finger will give you the most even coverage. Then wipe any remaining concealer off your finger. Use your clean finger to blend the edges of the concealer. At this stage, you’re ready for a trip out running errands. To set for longer, apply powder to the area.

Taking care of your skin

If you really want to be a beauty product minimalist, you’ll want to take care of your skin so that it’s as radiant and clear as possible naturally. Some ways to have great skin without makeup include following an exfoliating regimen a few times per week (less if you have super sensitive skin) and using a skin-boosting facial serum.

Make sure to aim for products that have vitamin E to nourish skin. If you want a boost of vitamin E naturally, try moisturizing with 100 percent pure argan oil, which is also packed with vitamin A, omega-6 and antioxidants, to name a few benefits.

If you’d like to use less lip color, you can also get an exfoliating regimen going with your lips. That will make them brighter and fuller. Combine brown sugar with some olive oil to form a granulated paste and scrub a few times per week.