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The dog days of summer now seem like distant memories, but that doesn’t mean our tan skin has to be a thing restricted to one season. If you’re anything like me, mid-November hits and you look in the mirror wondering who this strange paler person is. Well, it’s time to put a stop to that shock. Vita Liberata‘s self tanning products saved my life (yes, really), and I know you’ll feel the same relief once you try them for yourselves.

Vita Liberata’s products are high-performing, 100% non-toxic formulas guaranteed to help darken skin year-round.

Vita Liberata self tanning gradual lotion
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Wondering how to darken your skin this winter? Start with Vita Liberata’s fragrance-free Self Tanning Gradual Lotion. The lotion contains marula oil and suits all skin types. Trust us, this lotion just feels good. You’ll be dying to wear those suede shorts with knee-high boots. Come on girl, show off a little skin in the winter and flaunt your new, gorgeous tan. You can apply the lotion to both your body and face for an all-over way to darken skin. This hydrating lotion will darken skin gradually, and the tan will be deepened with daily use. Certified Organic botanicals and a moisture locking system will nourish skin and provide 72-hour hydration on top of helping you darken skin. Odour Remove™ technology ensures no smell whatsoever—because we all know how awful some self tanning products can reek. Shop here to get your self tanning lotion for less than $30. You can also find Vita Liberata at your local Sephora or Ulta.

vita liberata self tanning anti age serum
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We also suggest using Vita Liberata’s Self Tanning Anti Age Serum. The serum is formulated with anti-aging actives that firm and plump the look of skin, while providing a made-to-measure, natural looking tan. Youthful skin, sans wrinkles and fine lines, plus a killer tan? It’s a win-win! Mix 1-3 drops with your facial moisturizer and apply to clean, exfoliated skin. Always wash your hands directly after using self tanning products to avoid darkened palms. Even better—use an applicator mitt. To darken skin even more, you can apply the serum directly to skin. Buy the serum here for $45.

vita liberata self tanning night moisture mask
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Lastly, we recommend Vita Liberata’s Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask. The rich and silky formula has HyH2O™ technology that delivers intense hydration, overnight rejuvenation, and anti-aging benefits. Wake up to a sun-kissed, youthful glow every winter morning! Organic sunflower seed delivers vitamin A, C and D to calm and protect, tocopherol protects against free radical damage, and apple softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smooth this mask onto your face and neck after your evening cleansing routine. You can buy the night moisture mask here for less than $45.

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