It’s tough for all of us to hit the gym on a regular basis…let alone get out of bed. Sometimes the motivation just isn’t there to get out there and sweat! However, if you have the right gear, working out can be exciting and empowering. If you look good, you feel good, right? We have found all the best gym products that will jumpstart your motivation for the gym immediately.

Here are our favorite gym products that will make you excited about working out.

Gym products for yoga

yoga mat
Image: Amazon

If you’re going to practice yoga, you need a mat! This one is reversible and even has a line down the center to help your body alignment. And for an added plus, it’s eco-friendly! Invest in a good yoga mat so you can take your practice to the next level and get everything out of it that you can.

lulu lemon
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Investing in good quality yoga pants will eventually pay for itself with all the use you get out of them. Lulu lemon yoga pants are incredible quality. They don’t stretch out as you wear them, they are thick and they are not see-through, and they come in a huge variety of colors. If you don’t like the bright colors in the pair above, you could always opt for a more simple solid color, like these. The right leggings will give you prime flexibility and comfort—everything you need for a good workout.

under armour top
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Tank tops will be your best bet for a good yoga session. This one has mesh on the sides to let your skin breath and it won’t trap sweat in. Plus, it comes in a million colors so you can match it to any leggings or accessories.

lulu bra
Image: Amazon

You gotta keep the girls in check while working out! Choose a sports bra that has both support and comfort. This one has a cute snake print, but there are so many patterns, colors and styles to choose from. A cute and functional bra is always a win.

Gym products for cardio

Cardio is an intense workout and really makes you get your sweat on, so you need the right gear to feel fierce while doing it! Shoes, shorts and headbands are all must-haves for your cardio workout. Here are the cutest styles for the next time you hit the gym.

nike shoes
Image: Amazon

Good running shoes are really important for a good workout, and a healthy foot. If you don’t wear a shoe that supports your foot shape, it could cause pain and even injury. Find out how big or small your arch is, and choose a shoe that supports it. These Nike shoes are super cute and come in a bunch of colors. You’ll catch everyone’s eye while working on that cardio.

lulu skirt
Image: Amazon

If you’re looking to switch up your pant situation while working out, try a cute skirt! This one has ruffles on the back to accentuate your cute booty. It’s as comfortable as shorts (with built-in spandex underneath) but it looks so much cuter.

nike headband
Image: Amazon

Wispy baby hairs are always annoying, especially when you’re trying to work out. Get a cute headband to keep your hair out of your face, but also to complement your outfit! Nike makes great ones that won’t budge while you’re working hard.

Gym accessories

Accessories are the cherry on top to any outfit, even if it’s just for working out! Having the cutest bag, headphones and water bottle at the gym will give you a little confident boost and motivation to work harder.

adidas gym bag
Image: Amazon

What’s the point of going to the gym if you don’t have a cute bag to carry all your cute stuff in? This one from Adidas is the cutest teal color with lots of pockets and room to store all of your gym gear. Don’t leave the house without it!

Image: Amazon

Earbuds are ESSENTIAL to your workout. If you don’t play a fast song while you’re working out, how will you get past those last five squats? These pink ones are super cute, and they fit into your ear better than the regular ones that come with your phone. Get your jam on while getting your sweat on.

water bottle
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Staying hydrated during your workout is essential, so why not get a cute water bottle to do it with? This one keeps hot liquids hot for 12 hours, and it keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours. I mean, wow. Never worry about taking a big swig of lukewarm water again.

Gym products for staying fresh & clean

While at the gym, sweat can be a real problem. Keeping your gear fresh & clean is super important, but so is doing that for yourself! Bring a few things with you in your gym bag to refresh yourself throughout your workout.

pixi makeup wipes
Image: Amazon

Makeup remover wipes don’t only have to be used to remove makeup. They can cleanse your face and body when you get a little too sweaty! Swipe one across your face and neck, and even take it down your shoulders and legs if you’ve been working really hard. Cleaning the sweat off of your pores soon after it appears will prevent them from clogging and causing acne.

facial spray
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A refreshing facial spray will bring you so much relief if you’re dying during your workout (like I usually am). When you need a burst of hydration, spritz a little on your face and chest to give you some cooling relief. You won’t regret packing this in your bag!

Image: Amazon

No one likes that potent body odor smell! Bring some deodorant along with you in case you notice yourself becoming a little ripe (it happens to the best of us). This natural one is non-toxic and way safer than the big name brands. Try it out!

yoga mat cleaner
Image: Amazon

Cleaning your yoga mat after every use will prolong it, and prevent it from smelling! Simply spray it all over your mat, then wipe it off with the free towel it comes with! Quick and easy, this cleaner makes keeping your yoga mat smelling and looking nice a no brainer.

body spray
Image: Amazon

For when you’re extra smelly and sweaty, have a nice body spray on hand to spritz and cover the smell. Even spray some inside your gym bag to keep it refreshed and smelling nice!