Understanding the difference between hair color vs toner is important so you can achieve the perfect results. For starters, they both are very different and have their own purpose. You cannot use them interchangeably. In case you are clueless about the two, keep reading to learn all about hair color vs toner.

Difference Between Hair Color vs Toner

You may wonder how hair color is different from toner. To put it simply, hair color is a chemical treatment that is applied to the hair to give a layer of pigment. On the other hand, toner is a liquid formula that is applied to hair to create a uniform color, soften yellow hues, and enhance the color. This does not penetrate into the hair or change the actual hair color in any way.

The main difference between the two is the color formula and the presence of hydrogen peroxide. Hair colors contain peroxide and different pigments to either lighten or darken the hair. Toner works to neutralize brassy, unwanted tones from the hair.

Why Use Hair Color vs Toner?

Hair stylist applying toner vs hair color on woman

As the name suggests, hair color adds different shades to your hair. Lighter hair colors may lift the natural color of your hair. In contrast, darker shades deposit color over greys and lighter hair. If you want red or brown hair, you’ll have to use a dye to get the desired results. Hair color changes the structure of your hair and may even alter its porosity.

When trying to understand toner, think of it as a treatment that enhances the hair color you already have. For instance, a purple toner is used to remove orange and brassy tones from your hair, while a blue toner cancels out yellow tones.

Application of Hair Color and Toner

Many people go to salons to color their hair. Those who color hair at home know the hassle of mixing color and applying it. You have to wait up to an hour to see the results, and some hair color may need bleach to show their actual shade.

In comparison to hair color, toners are fairly easy to use. You just need to apply them to your hair without mixing with anything else. After a few minutes, your hair will be toned.

Maintenance Level of Each

Woman putting product in bowl on scale

Hair color will last anywhere from six to ten weeks. The results may vary depending upon your hair type and washing regime. Overall, the changes are long-term and may not require too much maintenance. You may just need to touch up your roots.

Toner does not change the chemical composition of the hair. It just cancels unwanted tones and adds shine, making your hair look fresh and luscious. As a result, it gives temporary results; hence, it requires a constant application.

You will see different results for hair color and toner. These two products serve different purposes in maintaining the hair. For a subtle change in hair color, you may choose a toner. If you wish to completely transform your hair, pick a permanent or semi-permanent hair color. Think about the look you wish to have and choose wisely.

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