beautiful girl with long hair braids hair spike. beautiful girl braids hair before surfing
Image: KIRAYONAK YULIYA / Shutterstock

Hair piercing is arguably one of the hottest and boldest hair trends of the year. Yet, if you think of the word “piercing,” your mind might be going to actually cutting holes into the length of the hair.

Luckily, this trend is far less intimidating than it sounds. The style consists mostly of working metal loops into braided hair. It’s all the kick-butt attitude of piercing with none of the painful needles involved.

From there the look is customized according to preference, such as using studs instead of rings in the hair. Below are several ways to wear this look, since it’s surprisingly customizable.

Rings in Braids

This is the most common look you’ll see for hair piercing. Large rings are merely added into the strands as hair is braided, so you end up with loops interspersed within the braids.


In this look, the rings are more oval in shape. The hair fits into them like they’re beads, and they tend to be worn on thin strands of hair in long styles.


Another popular look is to have studs sticking through braided strands. These pieces usually have narrow middle sections with two studs sticking out at the ends so that they can fit into the hair easier.

Cornrow Rings

Another way to wear the ringed look is to have them worked into a cornrow style. The rings are placed close to one another and then lead into a solid line to the back of the head.

Rings with Charms

A common look with using larger rings is to have charms on them. Softer charms like hearts and jewels can give this look less of a punk feel. These are just woven into braids like the looks above.

Rowed Rings

Similar to the cornrow look at the top of the head, another idea is to have a three-strand braid leading into the length of the hair. Bright rings are placed close together for the length of the braid. What you’re left with is a look that mimics a cool chain leading down the length of the hair.

Paperclip Hair Piercing

This look shows how creative this style can get. Instead of using rings or studs, people are even using more punk items like paperclips. You’d just weave them into braids like the other items.