Oceanic Brunette

Always wanted blue hair, but you’re not quite ready to dive into the mermaid hair trend? Then a great solution is oceanic brunette. This muted rainbow hairstyle simply adds highlights of dark blue, dark violet and teal to a brunette base. It’s the perfect solution if you want a rainbow hair look, but you don’t want to put your hair through the stress of a full bleach treatment.

This is probably one of the easiest rainbow hair trends to try yourself. Basically, you’ll get any shade of a fashion dye that reminds you of the ocean. So we’re talking royal blue, deep teal or even midnight blue shades. Violet is a popular accent in the look. The wonderful thing about these shades is that dark fashion colors naturally show up on dark hair better than light shades.

Word of caution, however. Most fashion dyes are formulated to stick to and work with hair that has been bleached. Especially if you’re going for the popular Manic Panic or Special Effects brands. So that means while the hair dye might take, it won’t last as long as if you had bleached your hair. So if you want this look for a specific event, that means you’re applying it a night or two before the event for the most vivid shades on dark hair possible.

That being said, always try a strand test first. Some hair soaks up color more than others, so it might be more permanent. Also, Special Effects tends to last longer than Manic Panic, so it’s important to read up on the dye brand you are using. Depending on what you are using the look for, this longevity may or may not be a good thing.

A strand test will also tell you how long to keep the dye on for the desired color intensity and staying power. Many of the plant-based fashion dyes like Manic Panic suggest having the product on your head for at least a half hour, an hour under a plastic cap for color-resistant hair. Some people leave it on for a full night or day for the greatest color absorption.

Either way, you’ll want to apply the color in highlights over tinfoil and wrap up the strand. That will get you bold, defined chunks of the brightest colors possible, as the look calls for.

If you’re wondering how you’d like to wear this style specifically, below are several different takes on the look to get you inspired.

Dark and wild oceanic brunette:

One of the most standard looks for this style, this has a generous amount of royal blue highlighting over a dark, natural base. Bits of teal are mixed in as wispy highlights, and there are also some violet hues mixed in.


Subtle highlight oceanic brunette:

This look has more wispy, dark highlights. Hues of dark blue, deep teal and dark violet all mix together over dark brunette hair.


Contrasting highlight oceanic brunette:

This look goes for very bright, chunky highlights in brunette hair. Bold highlights of royal blue and teal are the focal point of this look.


Teal oceanic brunette:

This look goes heavy on bright teal highlights, mixed with deep royal blue strands. It’s all on top of a medium to dark brunette base.