METAL hair

While all that glitters may not be gold, this new hair trend on the scene is certainly precious. Precious metals hair, to be exact. It’s a sort of blanket trend that encompasses putting colors into your hair that may lightly mimic different types of metals, as the name of the trend suggests.

What manifests are multidimensional shades laced with gold and silvery platinum. So blonde hair might have tones of silvery platinum placed in the hair. Golden blonde balayage is popular. And that trendy favorite rose gold falls right into this category.

Precious metals itself is a term made by a London salon, Hare&Bone. The hallmark of this salon’s style is subtle hues mixed into hair in one or more metallic shades. For a more dramatic look, the metallic tones are placed closer to the face or crown.

How to get the look

Since this is a very multi-tonal look that came from one of the top salons in London, you may want to head off to a salon. The look itself is painted in very lightly, and appears to be inspired by balayage looks. Many looks start with a darker crown area, and the gold and platinum tones become more pronounced farther down on the strands.

Then again, the base of this look is to just add in some metallic tones. You could opt for a platinum highlighting kit, like this one here. You might also consider taking a unique twist with the look and going for some tones of metallic bronze in the hair, using this highlighting kit here. For rose gold tones, Feria’s even come up with a rose gold dye for home use.

Whether you’re going to a salon or trying the look at home, there are also several ways to wear this look beyond the standard platinum and/or gold tones or basic rose gold. Below are some top looks for inspiration:

Combining platinum and rose gold

One stunning idea is to have a rose gold under layer. Then on top of that, add generous platinum blonde highlights.

Combining platinum and gold

This look starts with an ashy blonde base. Then radiant highlights of platinum and gold are put up right close to the face for a bold look.

Rose ombre

This look starts as a light golden blonde with platinum tones mixed in. Then on the lengths ombre tones of pink are mixed in for a rose gold look.

Bronze highlights

As mentioned above, if you want to take a unique spin on this look, consider bronze highlights. They’re the easiest to do at home and go well over dark hair. In fact, the look is stunning when mixed over a dark base in a balayage style.