haircuts for thick hair
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If your hair is thick, that is really luck due to your genes. Thick hair is always characterized by a restive nature.

One drawback of thick locks is their monolithic character. We mean, with the wrong haircut your hairstyle for thick hair is going to look artificial and motionless. That is why haircuts which reveal the ends and endow them with the feel of movement are extremely flattering for thick tresses. One-length haircuts should be avoided, while graded and progressive cuts with a shorter length around the crown and longer locks at the nape will make your haircuts for thick hair more dynamic.

Haircuts for thick hair

Layered Haircut with Medium Layers

Medium layers around the crown will offer you a fullness of the top section. While this is something many women try to achieve with teasing, this is something that some women are born with naturally, thanks to the thickness of their hair and the right cut. Accent the layers with subtle balayage highlights to make the texture more pronounced.

Long hair with undercut

From the outside, this hairstyle looks like any other long cut. But peak underneath and you will notice what separates this from your average style. The styled undercut are great haircuts for thick hair of any length and is a fun way to spice up the styling routine of a frequent up-doer. Be forewarned – these requires a lot of maintenance. You would be surprised with how quickly it will grow out.

Medium shaggy waves

Styling a shoulder-length shaggy cut into a trendy wavy ‘do is a breeze even if you are not a pro. Blow-dry your mane roughly and style a few loose waves with a straightener here and there. Leave the end disconnected and shaggy.

Long layered haircut

When it comes to haircuts for thick hair, layers can be used to thin out strands. A long layered bob or a shoulder length cut with medium layers enhanced with larger barrel curling iron to further texturize the cut will help your hair look lighter without losing any beauty.

Undercut pixie hairstyle

Everyone is hopping on the undercut train recently. It is a fun way to try a low maintenance style. With this haircut, you will have a closely cut section which you do not have to worry about in terms of styling. The rest can be easily formed into your style of preference with a quick blow dry.

Shoulder grazing haircut

This haircut is suited for anyone who wants a low key, easy style that will not require too much time or styling. This is as easy as it gets! After the wash simply towel through.

Angled medium cut

If you have been rocking long hair for quite a while, here is a way to make things easier in the morning without sacrificing style. Hair can be cut at an angle; giving you shoulder length strands around the back and longer layers in the front. This will not only frame the face beautifully, but will also give you plenty to work with when it is time for a fancy up-do.

What are your favorite haircuts for thick hair? Let us know in the comments.