hairstyle for thick hair
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If you are blessed with voluminous tresses, this usually means that styling your hair requires more maintenance. Sounds familiar right? And if your hair is coarse, it requires even more taming. But do not despair. There are easier ways to wear stylish hair without the fuss, including some wonderful short hairstyles. The good thing about having thick hair is that you always have many style options to choose from.

Best hairstyle for thick hair

Some females are afraid to experiment because they feel that certain styles may not look appealing for their hair type. These different styles below do not require much effort. Try out a hairstyle for thick hair that will emphasize everything that is perfect about having volume – to look like you have even more hair, or less of it. These styles will create a chic, luxury look along with a confidence boost.

Pixie hairstyle

If you want a total patch, then a pixie hairstyle is for you. A lot of celebrities were spotted on the runway with this hairstyle. Michelle Williams wore a pixie hairstyle which illuminated her feminine features on her blonde hair color. This hairstyle is excellent for those with thick hair and can be worn with any hair color. To keep this hairstyle for a long time, you can simply maintain it by using a hair gel or mousse.

Layered blonde with lowlights

The layers give a unique look to all hairstyles. You may get layers for your thick hair and if you have curls, this style will display a natural look, which is very trendy. Lowlights will make this look complete and is suitable for both casual and formal styles.

Mid-length bob

The mid-length is a great hairstyle for thick hair. A mid-length bob emphasizes the jawbones of women with a narrower face. Women with a rounded face should go for a shoulder length bob which will automatically give a longer look to the face.

Natural hairstyle

There is nothing better than a natural look and it will never stop being trendy. Females with straight, wavy, curly, coarse or kinky hair are definitely lucky because styling maintenance is not necessary with natural hair; although girls with straight hair also do not need to worry because nowadays there are a lot of methods to curl the hair without damaging it.

Layered look

As mentioned already, layers are the best way to emphasize your facial features, but this is not the only advantage of layered hairstyles. It also makes the hair lighter because sometimes without layers, the hair has a heavy look and feel. Opt for layers by the shoulders.

Hair up

Women who are always busy and do not have much time to care for their hair can simply keep the hair styled upwards. There are a lot of styles to keep hair under control. For example, you may choose a high or a low ponytail. If you like, you may braid your ponytail for a tenderer look. For a formal occasion, a ballerina bun is great. If you do not like to have a sleek bun, you may opt for a messy bun.

Let us know your favorite hairstyle for thick hair!