hairstyles for oval faces

It is probably quite obvious that not every hairstyle suits every face shape. Same as different clothes suit different body types. Hair frames our face and gives it definition, so it is important to choose a hairstyle that will work for you personally. Hairstyles can accentuate your good features, the same as make up, and it can cover up the features that you don’t want to draw attention to. And today we are going to give a few ideas for best hairstyles for oval faces.

How to find out if I have an oval face?

To determine what face shape you have, stand in front of the mirror and outline your face with a lipstick on the mirror. After that, look at the shape and see if it is oval, heart-shaped, round, or some other shape. If it is oval, read on to find out the best hairstyles for oval faces!

1) Bangs

Bangs are one of the best hairstyles for oval faces, as they cover a part of your head, making it visually shorter and not so oblong. You can leave your bangs straight or curl them a little bit on the sides to frame your face a bit more.

2) Bob

This hairstyle looks great with oval faces; as it rounds it up a bit. Bob frames the face very closely. You can do a regular bob or you can curl your hair a little to get that boho look.

3) Layers

Layered haircuts are great because they don’t weigh down your hair, adding volume and texture to your haircut. Because of this factor, your hair isn’t completely flat, which would only elongate your face more.

4) Soft curls

This look works best with your bob. It will add that lightness to the face and soften your look. This will be a nice change for a fresh look if you normally wear your hair flat.

5) Asymmetric

This asymmetric haircut has been very popular with many oval-shaped ladies. It is one when you cut your hair short but leave one side longer with straight bangs. Such haircut will balance your features and will draw attention to it, and away from any of the features you want to hide.

6) Chic

You can add some volume at the roots and curl your hair, creating that “red carpet worthy” look. The volume at the roots will balance your face shape with your hair and make it look less long.

7) Natural

Leave your layers natural and don’t curl them. Straight layers tend to frame the face in a very nice and natural way. And such framing will look great with oval faces, as it is going to make the look softer and more complete.

8) Deep part

This hairstyle looks great with all haircuts – long, medium, and short. Make a deep part and curl your hair with 1-inch curling iron for the most natural waves. The hairstyle is going to balance out your facial features, and the curls are going to soften them.

Having an oval face is a blessing, as most haircuts look good with it. And depending on your personal style or preference, you should choose one that will fit you best.

Suggest some of the best hairstyles for oval faces that you can think of in the comments below.