hairstyles that hide roots
Image: Pexels

You dye your hair and it’s the perfect shade you want it to be, like you’re the maiden of your own fairy tale. Then anywhere from two to four weeks later, your own biology brings you crashing down to reality. Your roots are starting to show already. But heading to the salon and/or abusing your scalp every few weeks gets old fast, but you need some hairstyles that hide roots options.

So instead of fighting your roots, you can embrace them as part of your style. From ways to cover your roots to haircuts that look great with roots, below are several hairstyles that hide roots.

Hairstyles that hide roots

Side-swept bangs

Although dark roots with blonde hair has been something of an on-and-off trend on the red carpet, it’s still very much a statement look. Even Schwarzkopf calls noticeable roots a “taboo” that certain style mavens are on the way to making mainstream. But it hasn’t quite hit as a beauty must-have yet.

Nothing makes roots more noticeable than a basic middle part. It creates a visual runway right down the center of your head that shows your roots to the world. So one of the best ways is hide roots is to go for side-swept long bangs. It brings the hair over the forehead, hiding roots farther back. Going for a side-swept look also tucks the roots off to one side more, further reducing their appearance, making this one of the the best hairstyles that hide roots.


Another idea is to wear a scarf. This doesn’t have to be your grandma’s style, with a full scarf pulled over your head like you’re trying to protect a perm from the rain. A stylish way to wear a scarf is to put it right over your hairline, like you’re wearing a headband. It’s a sassy, modern style that looks great with a bold, colorful scarf.


If you don’t want to painstakingly style your roots farther back or wear accessories, you can go for more of a texturized or bedhead look. It’s a casual style that says, “Yeah, I’m supposed to look unkempt, what of it? I’m a rebel.” So some roots fit right into the style. You can add some light curls with a curling iron, add some texturizing spray or use a styling cream to create a ruffled bedhead look.

Bob haircuts

There’s an inexplicable phenomenon with bobs. It defies logic and lays outside the explainable, like almost in an X-Files sort of way.

Bobs look great with roots.

We don’t know what it is. You’d think the shortness of the hair would make the roots seem a little too exaggerated. Or maybe that’s what adds to the charm. Whatever it is, a short bob with grown out roots looks sassy and modern.

Try balayage

If you don’t want to excessively fight with roots at all, try getting your hair dyed in a balayage style. It’s a way of applying dye that allows the stylist to lightly paint the dye onto the hair. What results is a less drastic color change, allowing for some root growth without looking messy. It’s a great way to stretch out time between dye jobs.

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