We all love box braids for different reasons. Box braids are a great opportunity to stretch your hair and switch up styles. Similarly, box braids are simple to do and they protect your natural hair from breakages that come with traditional braiding.

In other words, if you love to switch up your hairstyle when you are bored or need a break from heat styling options, or do not have the time to constantly deal with your natural hair, box braids are a great go-to option. Another major perk to box braids is the fact that you can choose different colors, lengths, and sizes to meet your individual tastes and preferences.

Are you wondering if box braids are any good for your natural hair or what kinds of hairstyles you can do with your box braids? The simple answer is that it depends on your natural hair and your preference. Whatever your hair looks like, there are numerous box braid hairstyles you can try – and they’ll leave you with an absolutely stunning look!

What are Box Braids?

Like the name implies, box braids are a type of protective hairstyle because it can be worn for a long period of time to let your natural hair grow – and is usually made in square-shaped divisions.

Box braids are predominantly common in the African community, however, just like every other fashion idea, box braids have now travelled beyond borders and they are all around us today.

Box braids installation is done using synthetic hair to add thickness to the natural hair and extended from the scalp to relieve the natural hair from the weight of the hair extension. One great thing about box braids is that once you get it locked, this hairstyle can last for about six to eight weeks, while styling it in different ways. Interesting, right?     

How Can Box Braids be Styled?

Box braids can be styled multiple ways. Regardless of your hair type or length, there are tons of trendy options that will give you a perfect hair day and will suit your natural hair. You can choose from these styling patterns and switch your look as you wish. Here are the options:

  • Buns: This is arguably the most common way box braids are styled. Typically, with the bun style, you make your box braids into a chic updo that can be easily be switched whenever you feel like it. In other words, you can go for bulky or very compact high buns, go loose or tight, or keep it simple and looking like normal braids.
  • Twists: You can introduce twists to your box braids to make things more interesting. You can twist the ponytail of your hair or your front part to give your braids a different look.
  • Ponytails: Opt for a high ponytail and add a little extra flare by wrapping it with a beautiful scarf.
  • Braids: Another brilliant idea you can consider is making asymmetric braids from your box braids. This means you can wrap any side of your forehead and dazzle.

Now, here are different box braids hairstyles inspired by these styling patterns:

Curly Box Braids

While it is possible to stick to a natural straight finish of the hair extension, you can choose to break from the norm by twisting your ponytail and getting a curly finish.

Chunky Box Braids

A rule of the thumb, size matters when it comes to making box braids as well. So, when making box braids with your natural hair, there are different options from thick, chunky styles to exquisite, small braids. All you gotta do is consider how you want the finish style to be sized and shaped.

Medium Box Braids

Fans of medium hairstyles will definitely love trying out medium box braids. Apart from keeping it short and simple instead of long and flowing, medium box braids are just as stylish as the long ones.

Knotless Box Braids

If you’re very big on protecting your natural hair while styling your box braids, this is for you! The knotless braiding style is a great option for those with fine natural hair. The braids start out with the natural hair then is extended with the synthetic hair.

Bob Braids

If you have short natural hair, you might want to consider bob braids. Over time, different women around the world have opted for this style as chic and sophisticated look. To give the style a modern touch, you can add some fun hues and accessories like ribbons or beads.

Even though box braids go way back and are more common among black women, they are here to stay and can look good on almost anyone. When styling your box braids, all you have to consider is your natural hair, and you can choose from any of these styles and other numerous ones out there. The world is your oyster!