First half-up pony tails came into our lives, now half-up buns! This trend is becoming more and more popular, and we are loving it. While this is a messy-hair type of look, you can also make it more sleek depending on what you’re going for. Here are some different ways to try out this style.

Low bun

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Grab the top half of your hair and pull it down and back, creating a low and loose bun. The simplest way to add a little something to your second day hair.

Braid it back

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Put a fun twist on the half bun by adding a French braid. Gather your hair about two inches above your ear and braid it back as far as you would like the bun to be. Cute!

Add tons of volume

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Tease the top of your hair before you pull it back to add a messy and voluminous feel. Bed head at its finest.

Make it sleek

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Pull your hair back a little tighter for a more sleek look. This can also be a good choice for a more formal event, as it looks more put together than some other styles.

Top knot with wispy bangs

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Position your bun on the top of your head tightly, then pull out some of your wispy front pieces that frame your face. Messy yet put together.

Add a fishtail

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Tie the top half of your hair into whatever style of bun you want, but then add a fishtail braid (or any braid) to the remaining hair. This boho style can spice up your hair in only a few minutes.