Harley Quinn
Image: Instagram

There are many people who want to look scary for Halloween, but you are not one of them. This Halloween, you want to look cute, and perhaps a bit sweet. The good thing is that you do not have to put forth a lot of effort. Just choose some simple Halloween costume ideas that you think will work best for you.

Halloween Costume ideas

Harley Quinn

When Suicide Squad came out, a lot of women wanted to be Harley Quinn. This is completely understandable because the actress who played Harley (Margot Robbie) was very attractive. Her costume is not that hard to do as well. If you have some colored hair spray, you can change the color of your hair temporarily. Just expect that there are a lot of other girls who will wear this costume. You can change it up a bit to make yourself more unique. Make sure to have foundation that is a lot lighter than your normal skin tone, and use pink eyeshadow on one eye and blue on the other. A red lipstick will be perfect to complete the look too.

Doll Makeup

If you want to look cute for Halloween, you can dress up to look like a doll. The cutest option is the vintage doll. You can wear a full skirt, a top that is full of lace, and you can curl your hair. Do not forget to use some accessories in order to achieve the full effect. Make sure to have the right makeup for your ensemble. Makeup for this should put more emphasis on the eyes. Use dark and black false eyelashes. Your eyeliner should make your eyes appear bigger than they actually are. A softly bitten lip, that you can achieve with the use of a gradient lipstick will complete the look. This is one of the Halloween costume ideas that will look amazing on you.


Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a tail in order to achieve the look of a mermaid. You only need fishnet stockings in order to have cute looking legs. You can choose a short dress, preferably in a color that will fit the color of the eyelashes that you want. Make sure that your eyeshadow is also bright to draw attention to your costume. You can use neon green, bright yellow, and even electric blue. Go wild with the colors you choose!

Wednesday Addams

You have to admit that even though Wednesday is supposed to be a scary character, she still looks cute. Having a Wednesday Addams costume is a great choice. You can expect that your dark sense of humor will shine through, but you will still look great doing it. For the makeup, you do not need much. You need a dark color lipstick, dark eyeliner, and of course, braids on both sides of your head. Then, dress in all black with a white collar. 

Snapchat Filter

You have three popular Halloween costume ideas after snapchat filters for standing out in your pics:

  1. Rainbow Filter – This would make it seem like you are puking rainbows. Make sure to emphasize your eyes too and make sure that the rainbow on your face is similar to the filter.
  2. Dog Filter – Since this is one of the most overused filters in Snapchat, you will have a grand time using it for Halloween. You may choose to make some variations with the type of dog that you like. The makeup does not have to be too hard, as long as you have some 3D ears. Do not forget the tongue too.
  3. Fairy Filter – Since this filter supposedly makes a lot of people look amazing, you can make this filter come to life with makeup and glitter. 

Can you think of some more Halloween costume ideas that are easy to make and will make you look cute? Feel free to share your thoughts below.