Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

If you’re looking for ways to make your nails stand out this Halloween, this article of Halloween nail art ideas is for you. From creepy to classic, this collection of Halloween nail art ideas has something for everyone, so you can celebrate in style. If you’ve got the time and patience, your nails will be the talk of your Halloween party.

Check out our favorite Halloween nail art ideas.

Jack Skellington Nails

You will need: black polish, white polish, nail striper brush, base coat, top coat

Apply a base coat on your nails and then paint the base colors: alternate between black and white on your nails and let dry. Start painting on the white nails. Take the black nail striper and create Jack’s profile. Make slightly inclined eyes, two short lines to represent the nostrils and a sinister mouth line with many stitches. Continue with another design for the black nails. Take your white striper and make a line near the center of your nail. Then add vertical lines to the left and right of it. Wait a few good minutes to dry. Apply nail top coat and enjoy! Video here:

Sweet Scarecrow

You will need: gold polish, orange polish, purple polish, black polish, nail striper brush, top coat

At the bottom of your nail, polish one third of the nail with gold. The middle section will be painted orange, and the top will be purple. Make sure the sections are curved to follow the shape of your nail, not straight blocks of color. Colors should meet, but not blend. Allow to dry. Using the striper brush, paint a black line over the edges of where the colors meet, and make stitches across. Allow to dry, and cover with a top coat to seal.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

You will need: black polish, white polish, sparkly red polish, top coat

Paint your ring fingers with a couple coats of the red polish. Paint the rest of your fingers black. Allow to dry. Line your nails horizontally with small strips of tape. There should be a pattern of black, tape, black, tape. Paint over top of the tape with the white polish. Use a few coats. Remove the tape and allow to dry. Seal all fingers with a top coat. (The stripes can be as thick/thin, few/many as you want.)

Spiderweb Nails

You will need: black polish, white striper brush, top coat

Paint your nails black and allow to dry. Using the striper brush, begin painting the spiderwebs. In whichever corner you prefer, draw lines jutting out (as if cutting a pizza). Connect those straight lines with sweeping ones (like half a circle). The straight lines should be long enough that a few rows of sweeping lines will fit. You can alternate which corner the webs start in across your fingers, or make them uniform. Once done, allow to dry, then seal with a top coat.

Eyeball It

You will need: black polish, red striper polish, blue polish, white polish, top coat, dotting tool

Paint your nails white and allow to dry. In the center, paint a blue circle. Using the red striper brush, paint “Y’s” around the circle to create veins. With the dotting tool, add a black dot to the middle of the circle. Even smaller than that, add a white dot to the center of the black dot. Finish with a top coat.