Hangout Festival Gulf Shores
Image: Hangout Music Fest

Hangout Festival Beauty Essentials

We’re two weeks away from Hangout, the most anticipated music festival of the summer. While you can’t beat the beach, Hangout is only the beginning to a summer filled with live music from our absolute favorite bands. Join us as we tour the country and hop from festival to festival with our top beauty items specifically selected for each destination. From festival beauty essentials (think oil blotting paper and face mist) to accessories (we’ve got way more than flower crowns to master your festival style) to playlists to get you turned up for each lineup, these beauty must-haves will have you covered for festival season 2016.

Hangout festival takes place in Gulf Shores, Alabama from May 20-22, and though not quite summer weather in many places, Gulf Shores will definitely be hot, humid, and sweaty. So it’s no surprise that sweat-proof products dominate our Hangout festival beauty essentials.

Before you can throw your hands in the air and have a good time, make sure you’re sun safe. The most important of our Hangout festival beauty essentials is Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper Sun Care Pack, which includes SPF 30 sunscreen, a moisturizing cool down lotion for after-sun care, and SPF 30 lip balm. It’s important to take care of your skin after the sun goes down so that you’re ready for two more pain-and-sunburn-free days of music.

Since you’ll be seaside you’ll need evian’s Mineral Water Facial Spray in your bag of Hangout festival beauty essentials to remove harmful perspiration, salt, and ocean water. The spray will also set your makeup so that you don’t have to worry about the ocean or your sweat messing up the makeup after dancing in crowds all day long.

Your Hangout festival beauty essentials won’t be complete without oil blotting sheets. Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets instantly remove excess oil without smudging makeup so you can preserve your look well into the night.

Along with your Hangout festival beauty essentials, you’ll need a beach towel for when you need to take a quick break from the crowds to relax. This festival-worthy Turkish beach towel will look fitting with your festival style and can even be draped over your shoulders if the weather gets chilly at night.

Give your festival style a boost of bold character with these Round Mirror Polycarbonate Sunglasses, while also protecting your eyes and getting the best view of all your favorite bands. 

The last part of our Hangout festival beauty essentials is our sick playlist with top songs from each of the artists on the lineup. Make sure you’re festival ready by memorizing these lyrics and knowing the songs by heart. After all, Hangout is less about how you look and simply about having a sick time.