Hairdresser make braid in beauty salon
Image: Shutterstock/mariakraynova

Headband Braids 101

Want a classy and romantic look? You can’t go wrong with headband braids. These come in two varieties: natural and faux pieces. The faux pieces provide an easy addition to hair when you’re crunched for time. On the other hand, natural headband braids are fairly simple once you’ve practiced them. Below is everything you needed to know about headband braids, whether you’re going faux or natural.

How To Find The Right Faux Braided Headband

Usually when you think of faux braid headbands, you see the cheap hairpieces available at the mall. They usually come in three basic colors: red, blond and brunette, with no regard for differing shades within these hair colors. Pick the wrong shade of faux headband, and you run the risk of looking like a middle school fashion novice. So if you’re going to go for a faux braided headband, it needs to be quality and match your hair shade exactly. Wig retailers may be able to help you out here.

Another option is to get a hair extension, though again, a high-quality one that matches your hair shade perfectly is a must (some people even dye their extensions to match their current hair color). Simply braid the extension. The typical three-strand braid should work well here. Clip the extension in right behind one ear, lead the braid over the top of your head and clip the end of the extension behind your other ear, making sure both clipped sides are covered with hair. It’s a great way to get the look if you don’t have the length, or want an easier approach.

Natural Headband Braids

If you’re confident in your ability to braid your natural hair, or have decided it’s time to learn, there are tons of styles to work with. The easiest, of course, is a French braid right across the top of your head in a headband pattern. You can also do two French braids next to each other for a fun little twist on the style. People even do a half or two-thirds French braid headband across the top of their head. Feel free to play with the style.

From there, you can use other styles of braid. Feel free to go with a Dutch braid, for instance. Another popular option for long hair is to make a thin three-strand braid starting behind one ear. You then pull it over the top of your head, securing the braid behind your other ear. Or the braid can go horizontally over your forehead for a truly bohemian look.

Other options also include where and how to place the braid. Some braids are behind bangs, some right up at the hairline. You can even combine the headband braid with other hairdos, like a ponytail or bun. Feel free to let your imagination run wild.