We all know that sugar is bad for us, and yet that doesn’t make the decision to cut it out of our diets any easier. Avoiding all foods and drinks that contain sugar is next to impossible, especially when it’s hidden in the form of other ingredients or is listed under a hard to pronounce name.

Its harmful effect on your body and health goes without saying. There are many studies that prove how it increases your risk of developing serious health conditions down the line. As it turns out, your health is not the only concern you should have.

Sugar is destroying your skin. Every time you take a sip of that vanilla latte or a bite out of that cupcake, you are forcing your body to break down man-made sugar – something it isn’t naturally wired to do. Here’s how this wrecks havoc on your skin care routine.

1. Too much sugar causes inflammation.

Many foods that contain sugar have a high glycemic index or are quickly converted into glucose by your body. After your body breaks down sugar and turns it into glucose, your insulin levels rise. Having elevated insulin levels makes you more likely to develop inflammation. Not only is inflammation uncomfortable, it is also a major cause of other skin issues.

2. You’ll experience more breakouts.

One of the biggest side effects of inflammation is more frequent breakouts. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Dermatology, sugar is one of the leading causes of acne because it contains a high amount of simple carbohydrates, which are also known to aggravate your skin. It doesn’t help that sugar is also incredibly acidic. If you’re prone to breakouts, you should avoid refined and added sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar or molasses.

3. It ages your skin faster.

Get ready to stock up on anti-wrinkle cream. Eating a high-sugar diet every day eventually wears down your skin’s collagen and elasticity. These work together to keep your skin looking and feeling firm. If a lot more wrinkles have appeared on your face lately, your eating habits may be to blame.

4. It raises – and then drops – your blood sugar level. 

Eating sugar-rich foods forces your blood sugar level to rise drastically, and then drop. This affects your body in multiple ways. First, it tricks your body into thinking that it’s hungry even when it’s not. It also causes a hormone imbalance, which leaves your skin looking lackluster and dull. Stocking up on fiber and protein can help regulate your body.

5. You develop a nasty rash.

Another way that sugar ruins your skin is that it causes rashes. Eating too much sugar can lead to redness and irritated skin, which may eventually turn into a rash. The best way to fight this is by getting rid of refined and added sugars from your diet, and adding more veggies and fruits.