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Remember when beauty routines consisted of three skincare products: cleanser, toner, and night cream? The simplicity of this easy beauty routine (listen, we’re not saying we miss it) made it easy to apply your skincare products. Nowadays we’ve got matcha sticks, rosewater face mists, facial oils, “face food,” you name it. While the skincare products available to us can be overwhelming, we are downright obsessed with all the cool beauty products and the adorable containers they’re packaged in.

So instead of mindlessly applying skincare products here and there and hoping you’ll wake up like Beyonce, follow our guide for the correct order to apply your skincare products.

Layer Thin to Thick

You’ve practically taken out a loan to buy that acne spot treatment so you want to make sure it does its job. Layering your skincare products from thin to thick is crucial to making sure each product does what it’s supposed to do. For example, how is your acne spot treatment supposed to work effectively if it has to go through layer after layer to reach the skin? Use this thin-to-thick method as a general rule. But don’t worry, we’ll get more specific.

Quick Morning Rinse

Use a very small amount of cleanser first thing in the morning. You don’t want to cover up any dirt you accumulated overnight with skincare products or makeup, so start your morning off with a short morning rinse. Keep it minimal to avoid drying out your skin. This quick rinse will also help wake you up!

Tone Up

After cleansing the skin, tone the skin’s surface with a toner to wipe away oils and any remaining dirt. The combination of cleanser and toner will have your skin like a clean slate, perfect for applying makeup smooth and flawlessly.

Use a Moisturizer with SPF

Did you know that sitting in your car during your commute exposes you to damaging UV rays? The sun’s harmful rays will even penetrate your skin in the winter and when it’s cloudy. Stop believing the myths and build the habit of applying a moisturizer with SPF every day. Aside from hydrating and revitalizing your skin, a moisturizer will also provide a clean, even surface for your makeup.

Daytime Eye Cream

Thought eye cream was only for bedtime? Not so! Apply a small amount of eye cream before applying your makeup to brighten up the eyes and prevent wrinkles. The skin around your eyes is most sensitive, so don’t skip this important step!

Okay, now you can apply your makeup. Huzzah!

There’s a correct order to apply your skincare products in the evening too—well, duh. Here’s our guide for an evening skincare routine.

Wash the Day Away

Literally. Wash off your makeup with a high quality cleanser and really work the cleanser into your skin to wash away the toxins and dirt you’ve accumulated throughout the day. Everything from indoor air conditioning to outdoor pollution from cars can damage your skin. Daily cleansing will help detox your skin and prevent impurities.

Tone Again

Grab that toner again. Anytime you cleanse the skin follow with a toner to perfect the job. Toners deep clean the skin and get rid of anything that your cleanser missed.

Acne Spot Treatment

Only use this spot treatment if necessary. If you have an acne spot or scar, there are specific spot treatment skincare products that only need to be applied to a particular area. A small amount goes a long way, so prolong the life of your product, save money, and don’t strip your skin of moisture by only using spot treatments where you need to.

Serums Next

If you have a serum, now’s the time to apply it. Allow any spot treatment to dry before applying the serum. Serums are optional, but they’re most effective after toning the skin and before applying creams—remember thin to thick!

Night Cream (Not Optional)

Okay ladies, this one is definitely not optional. Night creams prevent wrinkles, hydrate the skin and help the skin rebuild their cells overnight.

Eye Cream

If you have a separate eye cream (if you don’t, make this product GOALS) use it after the night cream. Apply the eye cream underneath and around the eyes in a thin layer for best results.

Grab That Oil Girl

Is anyone else as obsessed with facial oils as we are? Dry skin begone! Facial oils are great for super dry skin as they moisturize intensively. Always use this product last because they apply a thick layer over the skin. Get ready to wake up with a glowing complexion.