hide a bad haircut

You go to the salon and try to describe the perfect haircut you want. You’re motioning at your hair, trying to describe things in exact measurements to the inch and maybe you even brought a photo in for reference. But your hair still turns out looking like crap. Maybe the hairstyle didn’t end up looking as good on you as it did on Kim Kardashian, maybe your hairstylist had “creative” listening abilities or maybe your hair type doesn’t gel with layers. Whatever the case, it’s time to figure out how to hide a bad haircut until it can grow out a little. Below are several ways to hide a bad haircut.

Hairpins and clips are your best friends

Getting really creative with some hairpins is one of the best ways to hide a bad haircut. For instance, if your hair has some funky layering going on around the ears, gathering hair back by pinning it behind the ears is a good way to hide a bad haircut. You could also pin back a bad bang job until it grows out.

If your hair is too short, pinning the front sides of your hair back is a great way to give the appearance of length. For this look, you’ll just want to gather the front portion of the hair on each side, like you’re going to pull a half-up do. But at the temples, clip each side of the hair so the front of the hair is falling close to the back of the head. That will make your hair look like it is leading back behind the neck and shoulders, giving an appearance of length.

Pull hair back with hair ties

Depending on the length of your hair, this may or may not be an option. But if your hair ended up falling just above the shoulders, when you wanted it far below that length, pulling your hair back is a good way to hide a bad haircut until it grows out more. You’re effectively hiding that shorter length behind your head.

You can also think about pulling your hair into a half-up do. This is a good way to smooth back hair and hide any embarrassing hairstyling mistakes if you have shorter hair. You could also try pinning and using gel/hairspray to keep your hair back if it’s really short.

Get some hair accessories

Thick headbands or scarfs worn as headbands were made for hiding a bad haircut. You pull hair straight back that way, as well as hide a larger portion of that hair disaster. You might also consider wearing a scarf that covers almost all of your hair. It’s a fun, casual look.

Using hair accessories that obscure the length of your hair is also an option. Decide to make the banana clip a part of your life. Or try an extension hair tie, like one of these.