watermelon hair

Nothing says summer like a big, juicy slice of watermelon. So it was only a matter of time before watermelon hair became a thing. It’s what it sounds like: rainbow shades of deep watermelon rind green with bright watermelon pink shades. And it’s the perfect trend for summer.

Like any rainbow hair color trend, watermelon hair can be achieved by bleaching out hair to the lightest shade of blonde, if it’s not already there. Then you apply your watermelon lookalike shades as per the instructions on the dye package. You’ll just need to find watermelon-like shades in dye brands like Manic Panic, Directions, or for a longer-lasting effect, Special Effects. With this look, you’ll want something like Manic Panic’s Venus Envy, Siren’s Song or Electric Lizard for green and Pretty Flamingo, Cotton Candy or Hot Hot Pink for pink shades.

What shade you’ll need depends on how you wear watermelon hair. And there are several different ways to style watermelon hair.

Watermelon ombre

Perhaps the most popular way to wear watermelon hair is to have bright green at the top of the hair, and a watermelon pink ombre at the bottom. One of the most popular photos on Pinterest shows a woman with sea green hair at the top and a muted rose pink at the bottom.

Bright and realistic

One watermelon hair look involves a bright electric green at the top of the hair’s length. Around the level of the bottom of the ear, there is a bit of platinum blonde hair that appears to be left alone. It’s a very subtle layer that mimics the white rind of a watermelon. Then the tip of the hair is a bright fuchsia pink.

Pastel watermelon

Image: weheartit.com
Image: weheartit.com

Another option for watermelon hair involves a woman that went with green pastel on the top and a slightly bright pastel pink on the tips for an ombre look. For pastel shades, you can get something like Manic Panic’s Pastel-izer Classic Cream Formula, which mixes with regular shades to form a pastel version of each shade.

Watermelon highlights

An idea is to go for a more highlighted watermelon hair effect. This look is pretty straightforward: bright shades of green intermingle with radiant shades of fuchsia.

Pastel flip

Lastly, you can do pink pastel at the top, a very distinct layer of white/silver in the middle for the white rind and green pastel at the bottom of the hair for a watermelon hair look. Or heck, you could do bright shades, as well. This look makes it appear like your hair is mimicking a slice of watermelon that’s sitting rind-down on a picnic table.