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Have you ever walked into a party and felt uncomfortable about your style choices? Maybe you noticed all eyes on you as you walked into a room, only to realize that the looks of your peers weren’t exactly accepting. While it is true that it really doesn’t matter what other people say or think about you, style can be a way to express your personality. Below are some tips to follow to ensure that the next time you walk into a house party, you feel confident without feeling the need to go overboard.

Less Is More

When in doubt, keep it simple. Jeans and a sweater paired with boots is a cute and cozy staple. If you want to pursue a subdued look, think minimalistic color tones—white, black, and neutrals are best. A mixture of staple pieces and maybe a pop of color is all you need. There is nothing wrong with foregoing a statement piece. A subdued outfit can shift everyone’s focus from what you look like onto your personality and what you have to say.

How Low Can You Go?

One of the biggest mistakes that many women make when going to a house party is wearing shoes that they can barely walk in. Don’t worry about wearing your heels to the party, unless you are prepared to stand in them for long periods of time. If you decide to wear uncomfortable shoes, your entire night will be defined by the misery that your feet are feeling. Or, worse—if you take them off, you could lose them!

Pick a Style, Any Style

Pick a look you want to conquer—and stick to it. While getting ready, it can be easy to try to mesh the rocker chic vibe with the feminine floral vibe. While all looks are great looks, trying to channel two distinctly different looks can be overkill. Choose the look you want to go with—and hold to it. Think of this as a fun opportunity to recreate your favorite blogger’s go-to style or your style icon’s look-of-the-moment.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Fashion is all about taking risks. Yet, don’t ever feel like you have to strive to achieve a certain persona through the way that you dress. While trying to master a certain style or look is surely a creative process that deserves full support, you should also realize that every fashion rule can be thrown out the window. Know yourself and what suits you best. There is no wrong way to dress. Let your style be natural and you will find that you certainly have not gone overboard.

Ultimately, house parties are all about being social. Wear something that you feel comfortable socializing and meeting new people in. When you look and feel your best, you are most likely to be yourself. By avoiding discomfort, too many accessories, and unnecessary pieces, you will walk into your next party feeling and looking effortlessly cool—because you are!