Woman cleaning her face with a lotion a and a cotton pad
Image: Tinatin/Shutterstock

No doubt you know what face wash, eye cream, and face masks are, but what is all of this talk about facial toner? I see toner at all the skincare counters when shopping but have always wondered what exactly it is and why I might need it.

Oh, you’ve been wondering too? Great let’s uncover this mystery.

Facial toner is a water-based fluid with a consistency like vinegar. Formulas are developed with specific active ingredients to help address specific skin issues. They are meant to clean, soothe, repair, and smooth the skin. Oftentimes cleansers strip the skin of the important oils that are actually beneficial so toners help to replenish those. They are also great for minimizing puffiness, signs of redness, and any swelling.

You may remember the bottle from your mom’s skincare bag way back when. But, recently they have fallen off in popularity and a lot of modern women skip this skincare step. Which brings us to the question…

Do you need facial toner?

Simple answer: Yes.

You won’t die without it but it is definitely a beneficial step in a skincare regimen. In the past, these products often contained poor ingredients and made false promises. Thus, consumers stopped using them and they became much less popular.

But, that’s not the case anymore. Now there are many truly beneficial toners on the market that can bring many benefits.

Benefits of facial toner

What can modern toners do?

  • Toners provide skin with substantial amounts of antioxidants
  • Toners contain soothing agents
  • Toners contain hydrating ingredients
  • Toners remove any last little bit of makeup that may be on your face, even after cleansing.

How to use facial toner

Using facial toner is very simple and easy. It also feels great when your skin tingles. It is a step in your skincare regimen that you’ll come to enjoy.

  1. Select a suitable facial toner for your skin type. If necessary, consult a dermatologist or skincare expert.
  2. Wash your face normally, and then dry.
  3. Put a small amount of the toner onto a facial pad or cotton ball. Just enough so it will glide over your skin.
  4. Apply the toner to your face by rubbing the pad in small circles. Concentrate on your chin, nose, cheeks, and hairline, or what you might consider to be the most oily parts of your face. You will want to steer clear of your mouth and eyes.
  5. Repeat with a fresh cotton ball until you no longer see dirt and debris coming off onto the cotton. This may happen with one ball or you may have to use two or three.
  6. Let the facial toner dry on your face for at least one minute. Do not wash. Moisturize as usual.

So, yes. You need a facial toner but not just any one will do. Stay away from toners loaded with alcohol or other harsh chemicals and always consult with a skincare expert about your skin if you have questions or concerns. In doing so you will thank yourself down the road when your face looks lively, hydrated, and young.