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I’ve had my fair share of hangovers. It always happens when I least expect it, when I promised myself I wouldn’t even drink tonight, but somehow I get roped into taking fireball shots and sharing drinks. When will I ever learn?

In the meantime, learning how to deal with a hangover is a skill I pride myself in. Should I put it on my resumé? Never mind.

Anyway, the Sunday scaries are real, and perfecting the art of functioning while looking hungover (and not looking like a zombie) is a feat I will always be trying to pull off. Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.


Alcohol is poison and dehydrates everything about you. Knowing this, we still indulge in happy hour (what can a girl do?). We then reap the consequences and become extremely dehydrated in every way. Your skin, your lips, your whole body, your whole life. No wonder you woke up feeling parched and like you need to chug an entire gallon of ice water. When you’re struggling with a hangover, pull out all the moisturizing products you own: face masks, lip balm, water, facial spray, etc. Keep these items beside your bed just in case you can’t arise until noon – we’ve all been there.


Alcohol contains something called hepatotoxin – a toxin that literally destroys the cells in your liver that are supposed to detox your body. Rude. So when you’re hungover, you might need to help your body detox itself a bit. Here are a few things to do to detox:

Don’t drink the following week. Just don’t.

Find a good playlist and sweat it out.

Drink tons of water. Green tea has antioxidants – even better.

Eat some protein like eggs or peanut butter to replenish your body.

Take a multivitamin – your body needs it.

Makeup.. if you must

If you’re forced to leave the house and be a person when you’re hungover, slapping a few products on your face can really revive your look. The fewer the products the better. My necessities are under eye brightener, concealer and mascara. Anything you can do to brighten your eyes and your complexion will fool people into thinking you’re actually alive.

Hair of the dog

Ever heard the saying “Hair of the dog that bit you”? It seems a little contradictory, but sometimes it can actually help. ONE drink in the middle of the day can ease your hangover symptoms like nausea and a headache. WARNING: Do not have more than 2 drinks, or you’ll just be giving yourself an even worse hangover all over again. Just one bloody mary and you’ll be good.

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