how often should you wash your hair
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Choices, choices! This has long been an age old question without a definitive answer: How often should you wash your hair? Half of us could not imagine going for days at a time without clean hair and now the trend is not to wash the hair for days. Does washing often, or not, make a difference in hair growth? The answer is – it depends.

How often should you wash your hair?


You heard of the saying that there are different strokes for different folks. For most people, the rate in which hair grows is roughly about 0.5 inches per month which is equivalent to six inches per year. so, How often should you wash your hair for maximum growth? It will not matter the number of times your hair get washed. Washing it does not affect the mechanics of how fast or slow the hair grows. It just keeps the hair and scalp clean and healthy. The main focus is to be smart with your hair care maintenance. There are certain issues to deal with in maintaining healthy hair and scalp that can affect its growth.

Oily hair

People with fine, oily hair can get away with washing their hair every day if needed. People who sweat a lot or are exposed to dust or dirt will experience buildup of the hair and scalp. Grime clogs the hair follicles, hindering hair growth. There are shampoos and cleaners created to regulate the production of oil in the hair.

It is not advisable to use an astringent shampoo for everyday cleansing. A gentle formula shampoo with no silicones, pearlising agents or conditioners would be ideal. Look for one that is low of sulphate-free surfactants. A lemon based shampoo along with a white vinegar or lemon water rinse are effective in removing excess oil.

Always follow up with a conditioner formulated for oily hair. Another tip for extremely oily hair is do a rinse sans or a dry shampoo. Follow the directions and apply the dry shampoo towards the roots and not on the scalp.

Dry hair

People with thick, dry, or processed hair cannot get away with washing their hair on a daily basis. The oil on the scalp does not travel down the cuticle as quickly as it does for those with oily hair says Marlene Montanez of So, how often should you wash your hair if it is dry? 

People with dry, curly hair have to be extra conscious on ways of keeping their hair and scalp moisturized. There are many brands of moisturizing shampoos available for strengthening the hair. Some shampoos are filled with amino acids (proteins), which help create red blood cells that deliver nutrients and oxygen to the hair-producing follicles. This equals hair that grows in strong and healthy.

Another tip is to avoid hot water to the hair when showering. Cover the hair with a shower or conditioning cap to avoid over-drying the hair. When shampooing, use lukewarm water. Focus gently on the scalp only to remove any dirt sweat or buildup and rinse with cool water. Instead of rubbing the hair, allow the shampoo to rinse out with the water. Do not repeat.

The environment and climate plays a huge fact that can change how many times to wash curly or oily hair. For those who are looking for a definitive answer, here is what the experts at Columbia University advises: “As a basic guideline, people with normal to dry hair can wash once or twice a week, while those with oily hair can probably wash more frequently.”