There are so many products we use just because. In fact, for most, if not all of these items, we really do not understand how they work. Instead, we use them because we have been told they are good or we see them being used on someone.

Due to the products’ popularity and good reviews from friends and celebrities alike, we tend to believe using them is normal, and how they work is common knowledge. So, we don’t ask salient questions.

For the longest time, we have been told by various people in the makeup space that setting spray is the way to having long-lasting makeup on. They’ll tell you when you use a setting spray after applying makeup, the makeup won’t smudge, flake, or budge. So, before heading out with that makeup on fleek, ensure you do the setting spray ritual.

However, if you are the curious type, you’ll probably have some questions about setting sprays. You probably want to know whether these misty products actually work or they just have great PR. Whether you’ll be missing out on anything if you decide to not use a setting spray for your makeup, or if they have any effects on your skin.

Whatever your question is as far as setting sprays are concerned, we believe we have the answers. Since we’ve got you covered, read along!

Setting Sprays: What exactly are they?

A setting spray is a liquid mist that can be applied on makeup to extend its lifespan and prevent fading, washing off, or smudging. Generally, setting sprays are made from a combination of water and alcohol, and both ingredients combine to hold your makeup in so that it remains exactly how it was applied. This is because setting sprays act as a protective shield to your makeup and combats sweat.

Apart from being able to elongate the lifespan of your face beat, a setting spray also has the power to amplify your makeup by adding a finishing effect to your look – whether it is a matte, dewy, or glowing finish.

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Are Setting Sprays Compulsory?

Honestly, using a setting spray after your makeup isn’t mandatory. Nobody will sue you if you decide to set out with your makeup alone. However, if your goal is to have a long-lasting makeup on then it is imperative that you have a setting spray in your makeup closet.

Setting sprays work just like your hair sprays. They offer protection, longevity, and even make your face pop more after it has been baked.

How Do They Work?

Makeup setting spray solutions usually contain polymers that are dissolved into a solvent. In most cases, the solvent is alcohol. Wondering what polymers are? They are chemical molecules that are similar to plastic, and what they do is form films that are somewhat difficult to break down.

So, when the setting spray is applied onto your skin, the solvent (which is in form of a compressed gas) will evaporate and leave the polymer behind on your skin. Afterward, these polymers combine to form a film. This film is what shields your makeup, keeps it in shape, and act as waterproof.

However, because it has a solvent, if you apply too much setting spray on your makeup, the solvent will dissolve your makeup. So, ensure you use setting sprays in moderation. 

Can Setting Sprays Irritate my Skin?

Most skincare and cosmetic products are chemical-based. In essence, there is always the possibility of your skin reacting when you apply some chemicals on it – especially if the product is new. So, apply the same approach you apply to other cosmetic products to setting sprays.

You should know your skin type and find setting spray products that are perfect for you. For example, if your skin is the sensitive type, you want to look for alcohol-free setting sprays in order to keep your skin moisturized.

For the oily or acne-prone skin, the best option for you is a mattifying setting spray. This kind of setting spray will absorb excess oil from your skin and maintain the makeup’s shine.

And for dry skin type, go for a setting spray with a hydrating or dewy finish. The spray will keep your skin hydrated by locking in moisture and regulating the skin all day long.

Final Thoughts

After putting in a lot of work, time, and attention into looking good, or investing a lot of money into paying a makeup artist to beat your face, the last thing you want is for the makeup to wash off after a few hours of sweat. So, you definitely want to do all you can to ensure all of that time and money won’t be for nothing at the end of the day.

Setting sprays will enhance your beautiful makeup and leave it flawless without crease or fade from the beginning of your day to the end. Surely, you can do without them, but would you want to do that after learning about the power of setting sprays? I think not!