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Want one of the hottest hair shades? Sun kissed auburn is a current wow color. It’s somewhere between red and blonde. The shade is not quite your basic strawberry blonde, however. It’s even more coppery and golden. It also tends to be multi-tonal, in that it has soft licks of strawberry blonde with deeper auburn overtones. Intrigued yet? Below is your guide for getting sun kissed auburn hair.

Sun kissed auburn how-to

This is another one of those hair colors where you’ll strongly want to consider going to a salon, unless you’re a home hair dye pro. The look is so multi-dimensional, you’ll probably want to take a picture of the color into a stylist and tell them you want that, rather than trying to describe it.

If you absolutely have to dye hair at home due to stubbornness or budget reasons, there is a box dye to try. Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy box dye actually has a line labeled “sun kissed.” The shade that will get closest to this look is 8SC Sandy Copper Blonde. You might also look for shades in other brands with phrases like “light copper” or “light auburn,” and lean towards the shades that veer closer to blonde with still having a hint of red. A few optional golden blonde highlights at the ends could also add a bit of the multi-tonal effect.

Here’s the catch, however: your underlying hair color will contribute to any dye you apply over it. That means to get a shade this light, if you have dark hair, you’ll probably need to bleach it with a home bleaching kit first. This shade of dye works best on medium to dark blonde hair. Use a deep conditioning treatment in between the bleach and dye so that the hair does not become too dry. A protein filler between the bleach and dye will also help the color go in evenly.

Sun kissed auburn styles

When it comes to this look, there are a few different ways to wear it. Below are some ideas to get you thinking about how you might like to wear this style, if you decide to go for it.

  • Auburn with licks of strawberry blonde: One of the most popular photos of this look is of a woman with light auburn hair that verges on copper, with some highlights of strawberry blonde near the bottom. It almost has a balayage look to it.
  • Copper auburn: This look is predominated by a very basic auburn brown underneath, but the top layer of the hair is a bright coppery red with wispy blonde highlights. Looks best on a bob.
  • Golden auburn: This look has mixes of the very lightest auburn with flecks of golden blonde throughout.