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With a busy day, many women are not even able to wait for their hair to dry after showering, and there are those who prefer walking around with dripping hair. This is not counting the times when it is necessary to wash your hair at night, but there is not enough time for it to dry before you sleep. Sleeping with wet hair, as you may already know, is harmful to the scalp.

Let’s face it, on hot summer days you do not want to use a hot blow dryer. In addition, your hair will appreciate it if you give it a break from being subjected to the aggressions of the dryer all winter. The dilemma is how to air-dry your hair fast, especially if you have somewhere to go`.

Drying hair naturally and getting a cute hairstyle out of it is possible. This guide will solve the problem of not having access to a dryer, or when you have to go from the beach to another place without being able to run by the house to dry your hair. If you want to get a positive result, but do not know how, these are the keys and the tips for how to air-dry your hair fast.

How to air-dry your hair fast

1. Expose hair to air

Air-drying your hair using free air is the best. If you have to use a blow dryer, wait as long as possible after washing to dry it. This practice dries your hair, and leaves you with dry locks that are easier to comb and mold since they already have a good curl.

2. Use a towel

Put your towel to work before exposing your wet hair to air. It probably sounds like “towel-dried hair”. If you want to do the job efficiently, stop using the classic bath towel. Opt for a microfiber towel because it is a much better option. These towels absorb up to twice as much water, shortening the drying time. If you have especially frizzy hair, using a cotton t-shirt will be more gentle on your hair and will cause less breakage.

Tip: Use the towel parts that are still dry to remove the water by dabbing. Avoid rubbing excessively as this makes the hair cuticle too rough, and can, therefore, cause damage to your scalp.

3. Brush, please!

Do not worry, you do not need to brush all your hair, but a few brush strokes before and during air drying can speed up the process. This also makes the hair softer and more supple, and ensures that your locks dry faster.

4. How to Air-Dry With a Conditioner

Not only does applying a conditioner pamper your hair and make it easier to brush, but it will also dry the hair faster. Conditioning silicones individually wrap each hair, sealing them and making them more repellent to water. This means that moisture cannot penetrate deep into the capillary structure and stays on the outer layer. This allows the hair to dry itself.

5. Specialty Products

Is there a miracle cure for how to air-dry your hair fast? Yes, there is! There are special hair products that reduce the drying time by half, and therefore, causes less damage to the hair because less heat is needed to dry it. Heat-conductive polymers that attract hair moisture are responsible for express air drying of the hair.