how to apply bronzer

Ever struggle with how to apply bronzer? Most women feel that having a tanned complexion makes them appear more attractive. However, if you are putting on layers of makeup, it will look caked on and that look is definitely not appealing. At this point, a bronzer would be most beneficial.

A bronzer is a critical part of the daily makeup routine and is available in the form of powders and creams. It gives the skin a natural, healthy look and makes you stand out in the crowd. It helps to protect the skin from harsh weather making it look fresh. It delicately darkens the face to give it a tanned complexion. Additionally, it is used to highlight areas of the cheekbones, chin, and forehead along with covering up unattractive facial features. Bronzers are the best way to make the face and skin looking healthy, clear, and beautiful.

How to apply bronzer

Out of the two types, powder bronzers are best for an easy and smooth application. The best use is to help straighten your tan while enhancing the overall skin tone. Powder bronzers are best for people with oily skin.

Application of bronzer

If you need help on how to apply bronzer, here are some tips. For the best results, use a bigger brush. In applying a powder bronzer, using a softer brush can help create a smoother finish. Use the bronzer sparingly and dab the brush into the bronzer. Keep in mind to tap the brush either on the back of the hand or on something else to remove the excess powder and begin to apply the bronzer with attention to the cheekbones, chin, nose, and around the eyes. Also, keep in mind to apply the bronzer using a circular motion. Start from the cheek and work your way out. Apply in a downward motion very lightly while applying the powder to both sides of the nose and around the eyes.

Cream bronzers are perfect for different skin tones and types, with the primary focus being those with dry skin. The best results for a cream bronzer will come from a makeup sponge or use of the fingers. The idea to using cream-based bronzers is to gently exfoliate the skin before application. Be sure to take off any jewelry before beginning.

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Another great tip on how to apply bronzer is to use a moisturizer that is tinted versus a foundation so that the end result will not be a color that is too dark. If you already have tan skin, we suggest using a cream bronzer only. Apply the product in thoroughly. It is suggested to start with the cheeks again and apply the cream in slowly with round circular motions moving outward. Keep in mind to not rush. The true key is to use the bronzer evenly to complete the look; otherwise there will be missed spots on the face.

Another recommendation – keep in mind to apply the bronzer to the top of the shoulders and breasts for added color if you will be wearing a low cut or a strapless top.