blow drying your hair
Image: You Tube

If you’ve been blow-drying your hair, then you’ve probably felt the burn on your scalp when you get too close to your head. You’ve also probably had an inkling that this can’t be good for your hair. You’re right—excessive heat damages hair. Blow-drying removes both surface moisture as well as the water that is hydrating your hair. As a result, this drying technique leaves your hair dry and brittle. Sick of breakage? You need a new drying method.

Air-drying your hair is more doable than you might think. If you have a long commute in the morning you can finish drying your hair in the car. Wake up early and shower first thing so you can let your hair air-dry while you finish getting ready. You can also shower the night before and rinse off without getting your hair wet in the morning. You will save yourself a lot of time in the morning if you choose to start air-drying.

The first step to guarantee a styled, finished look is to find the right conditioner. Conditioner will provide a smoother finish. Look for products with keratin to repair heat damage previously inflicted on your hair. Make sure you only shampoo every few days to avoid excess grease. It may take some time to figure out what amount of shampooing and what type of products will give you the best air-dried look.

Many people don’t realize that wrapping your hair in a towel or squeezing your hair dry with a towel can cause severe frizz. For the best air-dried look, simply pat your hair dry with a soft, lightweight towel. Once you gently towel-dry your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your locks. Set your part now, but be mindful that you cannot change it after this point. For a blowout effect, try switching your part every couple days to create more volume.

When applying products for styling, the most important thing to remember is not to put any oily serums or creams on your roots. Otherwise you’ll look greasy all day! If you prefer using smoothing serums and creams use them on the ends of your hair and only apply a dime-size amount. The only thing to use on your roots would be a root-lifting spray to increase volume. Another possible product to use would be a texturizing spray for beachy waves. You’ll want to use a small amount to avoid a crunchy, perm-like look. Gels and mousses are also more likely to leave you with stiff, crunchy hair. Texturizing sprays with salt work best for this style, and you can even make your own salt water spray at home.

Now all you have to do is let time do the rest of the work. Relax and enjoy not having to hold a hot and heavy blow dryer over your head for ten minutes.