WONDERCON: Los Angeles Convention Center, March 25 thru 27, 2016. Cosplayers and fans come out for the annual WonderCon comic and entertainment convention in Los Angeles. Disney Princesses.
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One of the most popular dream jobs of any little girl is to be a princess. We want to wear pretty dresses, marry the prince, and sing with all our animal friends. Princesses just have the best lives, and so it always seems like a more exciting profession than working as a nurse or a lawyer. However, some princesses have more fun than others, and I think many of us specifically aim to be a Disney princess like Jasmine or Moana. Disney has put extremely unrealistic expectations on women, whether that’s making us think “Someday my prince will come” or having us believe that we’d all look as thin as Ariel in a shell bra. However, the dream persists. I’ve even had friends who took that dream as far as it could go by acting as a Disney princess at Disney World! Because we are all so enthralled with Disney princesses, we’ve compiled a list of a few ways to be your own princess, whether you live in a castle or you work cleaning your stepmother’s house. Here’s how to be a Disney princess!

Be kind

If you’ve seen the newest Cinderella movie, you’ll recognize this quote. However, this applies to almost every Disney princess out there. In order to be a successful princess, you must be kind and generous to the people who need it most. As a princess you should treat your “subjects” (think friends and family) with kindness. To take it one step further, love your villains as well. Rather than cursing that mean co-worker or gossiping about another princess behind her back, be gentle and try to see things from her shoes. You’ve probably seen enough Disney movies to know that villains have backstories too (just ask Maleficent). 

Don’t let anyone keep you from your dreams

What do all princesses have in common? A dream. Some dreams are grander and more difficult than others, but every Disney princess longs to do something. These dreams range from justice to freedom to love to adventure. If you want to be a Disney princess, the key is not necessarily wearing a ballgown, but rather chasing after your dreams. Do not let your villain stand in the way of something you desperately want. Instead, go after it. Change your fate, and become the person you always wished you could be! And who knows, if you chase that dream, it may lead you to the prince you always wanted. You might be the next Rapunzel!

Sing with reckless abandon

I know you’re probably thinking, “But I wasn’t blessed with the voice of Jodi Benson!” We can’t all sing like Ariel, unfortunately. However, you’ll notice that all the best Disney princesses sing their troubles away. You don’t have to have a good voice to do that. Sure, you may not want to sing around your prince if your voice is a little flat, but try it when you’re alone and see what happens. Singing in the car or the shower is exactly what Ariel would do, and it would probably make her feel a whole lot better. If you want to be a Disney princess, find some girl anthems and belt them in the car when no one’s listening. Who knows, maybe you’ll surprise yourself and befriend some deer.

Dress the part

As I said before, you don’t need a ballgown to be a princess. However, if you are looking for that fashionable flair to make yourself feel more royal than you are, try upping your makeup game! Find a cute dress (note: not a ballgown) and look for some dramatic eyeshadow or lipstick to make yourself look more princess-like. L’Oreal just announced their new makeup collection for the live action Beauty and the Beast film, and it will make your jaw drop. You can’t feel like a peasant if you’re wearing lipstick inspired by Belle! And even if you can’t afford to snag this new line, you can still try on a new shade of that drugstore lipstick you’ve been eyeing. Don’t wait for a fancy occasion to dress up. Cinderella would want you to look good even when scrubbing the floor!