brunette woman blow drying her hair with blue background

We love blowouts. Blowouts create smooth, shiny, and natural locks with just the right amount of volume. We love blowouts so much we’ll even go to the salon just to have a professional do it for us. But there’s no reason to spend the time or money to go to these lengths. Blowouts are more difficult when you’re the one holding both the brush and the blow dryer, but fortunately this tutorial will help you get the blowout you desire in just four steps.

  1. Prep your hair. You can begin creating a blowout whether your hair is damp or dry. Start by protecting your hair from the heat by using a thermal protection oil. We love Organix’s Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil because it’s lightweight, tames frizz, and really makes your color shine. This step is essential because it can prevent breakage caused by excessive heat. If you remember this crucial step every time, then you’ll have much healthier hair down the road.
  2. Blow dry. Start in the back and work your way to the front on each side. In order to successfully create a blowout, you’ll need a round brush. Place the brush under the roots and brush out your first section. Roll the hair completely around the brush and pull from the bottom up while blow drying the hair. Do this technique until all sections are dry and styled accordingly. You can seal the separate strands with bobby pins or clips to better style each section of hair.
  3. Brush out. Once you release all of your hair from the clips or bobby pins, gently brush it out with a flat brush. This will smooth everything out so you can add any necessary finishing touches.
  4. Tease. Go easy on the teasing, but a little backcombing on your roots will add that extra volume that completes your blowout.